1 length of time
extended, lengthy, long, prolonged, sustained
brief, limited, short

The offer is only available for a limited period.

six-month, two-year, etc.
entire, full

You have been paid for the full period of your employment with us.

fixed, set, specified

The medication is prescribed for a fixed period of time.

early, late

the late Victorian period


a happy period in her life

dark, difficult, lean (esp. BrE)

a dark period in the country's history

critical, crucial

a critical period in the development of the project

interim, intervening
transition, transitional
off-peak, peak
Christmas (esp. BrE), festive (esp. BrE), holiday
Cold War, medieval, Tudor, etc.
inter-war, post-war
cooling-off, grace

The customer has the right to cancel the contract during the seven-day cooling-off period.

consultation (esp. BrE)

The most formative period of life is childhood.

gestation, incubation

The view is that the government's honeymoon period is over.


You can use the software free for a 30-day trial period.

cover, span

the period covered by the book

The film spans a period of 40 years of Castro's rule.

begin, enter

Eastern Europe entered a period of transition in the 1990s.

endure, experience, undergo
extend, prolong
dominate, mark

The period was marked by a succession of financial crises.

begin, commence
elapse, end
costume, furniture
after a period

after a long period of waiting

during the period, throughout the period

during the intervening period

for a period

We lived in Caracas for a brief period.

in a/the period, within a/the period

Sales have gone up in the last-five-year period.

over a/the period

There will be a reduced bus service over the Christmas period.

Changes were monitored over a period of two months.

within a/the period

We visited five different cities within a two-day period.

period between

the period between his resigning and finding a new job

period from … to … 

the period from July 1 to December 31

the beginning of a period, the start of a period
the end of a period
a period in history, a period of history
sb's period of office

Public spending was cut during his period of office.

a period of silence, a period of study

Try breaking your period of study into 20-minute blocks.

a period of time

The balance must be paid within an agreed period of time.

a period of change, a period of transition

a period of transition from a totalitarian regime to democratic government

2 menstruation
heavy, light

When did you last have a period?

I have my period and don't feel too great.


I was thirteen when I started my periods. (BrE)

I was thirteen when I started my period. (AmE)

miss, skip

Missing a period is often one of the first signs that a woman is pregnant.

cramps (esp. AmE), pains (esp. BrE)
Period is used with these nouns: ↑charm, ↑costume, ↑drama, ↑dress, ↑furniture, ↑instrument, ↑music, ↑photograph, ↑piece, ↑style

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