1 study of ideas about the meaning of life
ancient, classical, Enlightenment, medieval
contemporary, modern
Buddhist, Chinese, Christian, Greek, Hindu, Islamic, etc.
Eastern, Western
judicial, moral, natural (historical), political, religious, social, etc.

the attraction of Marxism as a social philosophy

analytic, existential, feminist, postmodern, etc.
the philosophy of history, religion, science, etc.
2 particular system of beliefs
competing, differing
governing, guiding, prevailing

humanism—the prevailing philosophy today in the Western world

basic, core, general, underlying
homespun (esp. BrE), simple

the homespun philosophy that kept her going during this difficult period

conservative, liberal
design, economic, educational, management, market, political, religious, social

a furniture-maker's design philosophy

develop, formulate

Over the years he has developed his own personal philosophy.

adopt, embrace, espouse, follow

We share the same guiding philosophy.


Does this in any way reflect your own philosophy?

base sth on

These ideas are based on his political philosophy.

guide sth, influence sth, inform sth, underlie sth, underpin sth

the philosophy underlying the education system

philosophy behind

The new measures were introduced with no explanation of the philosophy behind them.

a philosophy of life, a philosophy of mind

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