The horses galloped across the open plains.


miles of rolling plain, made fertile by the river

great, vast
flat, flood

fertile plains suitable for farming

arid, barren
cross, roam

Herds of buffalo roamed these plains.

across a/the plain

Cattle move freely across the grassy plain.

in a/the plain

the Olduvai Gorge in the vast plain of Tanzania

on a/the plain

Nothing grew on the plain.

1 simple/not decorated
be, look, seem
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

The food was fairly plain, but well cooked.


The dress was completely plain, but quite stunning.

plain blue, white, etc.

a plain white shirt

2 clear
be, seem
make sth

They made it plain that they were against the idea.

fairly, very, etc.
absolutely, perfectly, quite

Within weeks, it became perfectly plain that we were in the grip of a tyrant.

reasonably (esp. BrE)

It is all very plain to me.

Plain is used with these nouns: ↑carpet, ↑chocolate, ↑clothes, ↑common sense, ↑cotton, ↑crisp, ↑dress, ↑English, ↑envelope, ↑fabric, ↑face, ↑fact, ↑fare, ↑flour, ↑folk, ↑food, ↑fun, ↑glass, ↑language, ↑linen, ↑luck, ↑paper, ↑prose, ↑shirt, ↑stupidity, ↑T-shirt, ↑text, ↑tile, ↑truth, ↑white, ↑woman, ↑word, ↑wrapper, ↑yogurt
Plain is used with these adjectives: ↑bonkers, ↑creepy, daft, ↑dumb, ↑ignorant, ↑lazy, ↑lucky, ↑old-fashioned, ↑rude, ↑scared, ↑silly, ↑stupid, ↑ugly, ↑wrong

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