domestic, internal

the country's internal politics

the internal politics of the legal profession

county, local, national, regional

She was active in local politics for many years.

global, international, world
democratic, electoral, multiparty, parliamentary, party
contemporary, modern
conservative, extreme, left-wing, liberal, progressive, radical, right-wing, etc.

His manners were as mild as his politics were extreme.


My personal politics are pretty simple.


He argued that it was not practical politics to abolish private schools.


They took the view that Casper was playing power politics with their jobs at stake.


Consensus politics places a high value on existing political institutions.

partisan (disapproving, esp. AmE)

The Democrats are simply engaging in partisan politics.


He used dirty politics to trash his opponent's record.

conviction (esp. BrE)

multiculturalism and the rise of identity politics

nationalist, sectarian
cultural, environmental, feminist, gay, gender, racial, sexual, working-class

I don't want to get involved in office politics.

enter, go into

They went into politics in the hope of changing society.

abandon, retire from

He abandoned politics and went into business.

be interested in, follow

I have always followed politics closely.


I don't understand the politics of it all.

be active in, be engaged in, be immersed in, be involved in, engage in, participate in
become active in, get immersed in, get involved in
dabble in, play (informal)
get embroiled in
discuss, talk (informal), talk about

Let's not talk politics now.

dabble in, interfere in, intervene in, meddle in (esp. BrE)

As a churchman, he was accused of interfering in politics.


the issues which have dominated Irish politics

influence, reshape, shape

reforms that are intended to reshape Italian politics

dominate sth, drive sth, motivate sth

In their world politics dominates everything.

The legislation has been driven by populist politics.

affect sth
surround sth

the politics surrounding reproduction and fertility

play a role

the role politics played in daily life

sb's involvement in politics, sb's participation in politics
the world of politics

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