1 swimming pool, etc.
bathing, paddling (BrE), swimming, wading (AmE)
little, small
open-air (BrE), outdoor
backyard (AmE)
in-ground (AmE)
Olympic, Olympic-size
baby (esp. AmE), children's, kiddie (esp. AmE)

We gave the children an inflatable pool for Christmas.

lap (AmE)

a 25 m lap pool

diving (esp. BrE)

I left the diving pool after my session on the springboards.


a unique new wave pool


a sauna and plunge pool

birthing (BrE)

babies born in birthing pools

swim in
dive into, jump into, plunge into

You won't have to drain the pool so often.

deck (esp. AmE)

I slipped on the wet pool deck and fell down.

attendant (esp. BrE), boy (AmE)

Jack works there as a pool boy.


A girl invited me over to her pool party.

the bottom, edge, middle, side, etc. of the pool
a length of the pool

He swam three lengths of the pool.

2 small shallow area of water
big, large
little, small
bottomless, deep
stagnant, still

Rhinos are fond of wallowing in muddy pools and sandy riverbeds.

freshwater, saltwater
rock (BrE), tide (AmE)
ornamental, reflecting (esp. AmE)
in a/the pool

The children waded in the shallow rock pools.

pool of

pools of water

3 small area of liquid/light
little, small

The park is full of hot water springs and bubbling mud pools.

lie in

The body lay in a dark pool of blood.

in a/the pool

The wick floated in a pool of oil.

pool of

pools of light

4 supply of sth
big, huge, large, vast

a vast pool of knowledge on best practices

limited, small

They will share a limited pool of money with other defendants.

growing, shrinking

a growing pool of data

a shrinking pool of assets


the available pool of really good people


They draw on funds from a common pool.


this nation's diverse talent pool

car, labour/labor, motor (esp. AmE), typing
applicant (AmE), recruiting (esp. AmE)

We need to increase our applicant pool.


There's a great talent pool in the business community.

jury (AmE)
press (esp. AmE)

A member of the press pool shouted out a question to the president.


They share a common gene pool.

build, create, form
broaden, expand, increase

Supporting a diverse work force broadens our pool of talent.

a method of expanding the pool of potential investors

pool of

a strong pool of talent in the company

a large pool of cheap labour/labor

Pool is used with these nouns as the object: ↑effort, ↑idea, ↑money, ↑resource, ↑skill

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