considerable, enormous, great, huge, immense, massive, overwhelming, tremendous, widespread

The French president is enjoying unprecedented popularity due to his anti-war stance.

growing, increased, increasing, rising
continued, continuing, enduring
current, recent
global, wide, worldwide
achieve, win

The movie deserves its popularity.

gain, gain in, grow in

Organic produce appears to be gaining in popularity.

maintain, retain

He'll do anything he can to boost his popularity.


This helps explain the popularity of underwater photography.


when the style loses popularity

grow, soar
decline, wane
contest, poll

He still tops national popularity polls.

popularity among

The current system has never enjoyed popularity among teachers.

popularity with

She enjoys huge popularity with the voters.

a decline in popularity, a drop in popularity
an increase in popularity, a rise in popularity, a surge in popularity, an upsurge in popularity

the recent upsurge in the popularity of folk music

in the popularity stakes (esp. BrE)

We want to remain high in the popularity stakes.

the peak of (sb/sth's) popularity

At the peak of its popularity in the late nineties, the band sold ten million albums a year.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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