exciting, interesting, intriguing
endless, many

The resort offers endless possibilities for entertainment.

further, other
different, various
distinct, good, great, real, serious, strong

There's a strong possibility that it will rain today.


A more likely possibility is that it will be a tie.

faint (esp. BrE), remote, vague

There is a remote possibility that he got the wrong day.

allow sb, create, offer sb, open up, raise, suggest
consider, discuss, examine, explore, investigate, study, test

Have you explored the possibilities of setting up your own business?

accept, acknowledge, admit, concede, countenance (esp. BrE), entertain, recognize
ignore, overlook
deny, discount, dismiss, eliminate, exclude, preclude, rule out

We cannot rule out the possibility of mistaken identity.


The team is facing the real possibility of losing.


We don't want to risk the possibility of losing all our money.

allow for, cover

Our resources may be inadequate to cover all possibilities.

lessen, reduce

Bankruptcy remains a distinct possibility.

exist, remain

The possibility exists that she may never make a full recovery.

possibility for

She was quick to see the possibilities for making money that her new skills gave her.

possibility of

Careful checks will reduce the possibility of unpleasant surprises.

not beyond the bounds of possibility (esp. BrE), within the realm of possibility

It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that a similar situation could arise again.

a number of possibilities, a range of possibilities

The course offers a wide range of possibilities for personal development.

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