1 actual doing of sth
put sth into

I can't wait to put what I've learned into practice.

in practice

The idea sounds fine in theory, but would it work in practice?

2 doing sth many times
basketball, batting, football, piano, soccer (esp. AmE), swim (AmE), etc.

hard work and daily practice

do, get, get in, have

I'll be able to get in a bit of practice this weekend.

I've had a lot of practice in saying ‘no’ recently!

need, require, take

Don't worry if you can't do it at first—it takes practice!

give sb

This chapter gives students practice in using adjectives.

facilities, field (esp. AmE), ground
game, session

We watched the swimmers go through their practice drills.

out of practice

If you don't play regularly, you soon get out of practice.

with practice

His accent should improve with practice.

practice at

practice at swimming underwater

practice in

The children need more practice in tying their shoelaces.

be good practice for sth

It will be good practice for later, when you have to make speeches in public.

practice makes perfect (saying)
3 way of doing sth
good, recommended, sound

advice on adopting current best practice in your business

environmentally sound practices

safe, unsafe
corrupt, deceptive, fraudulent, questionable, shady, sharp (esp. BrE), unethical, unfair

shady business practices

discriminatory, restrictive

the complications that arise in actual practice

contemporary, current
accepted, customary, established, long-standing, traditional
common, general, normal, routine, standard, usual

the company's general practice of selling through agents

It is standard practice not to pay bills until the end of the month.

universal, widespread

sustainable land-use practices

clinical, cultural, legal, medical, nursing, religious, sexual, social, spiritual, etc.

the medical practices of ancient Egypt

American social practices

accounting, administrative, business, employment, hiring (esp. AmE), management, working

They carried out a study of Japanese working practices.


The practice of community policing was introduced in the 1970s.

adopt, employ, follow, implement, use
advocate, encourage, endorse, promote, recommend
challenge, question
defend, support

Some prisoners defend this practice as the only way to survive.

condemn, discourage

This practice was roundly condemned by the World Medical Association.

abandon, abolish, ban, eliminate, end, forbid, halt, outlaw, prevent, prohibit, reject, stop

The bank has continued its practice of charging late fees.

alter, change, improve, modify, transform

Established practices are difficult to modify.

affect, govern, guide, influence, inform, shape

the decisions that govern our practice and our conduct

We use this information to inform clinical practice.


Certain practices exist in both public and private schools.


the ancient custom of log rolling, a practice which continues to this day

change, develop, evolve
differ, vary

Religious practices differ from group to group.

reflect sth

Such practices do not reflect our values.

practice among

This is now common practice among ethnographers.

practice for

safe medical practices for children

practice in

good practice in undergraduate education

practice of

the practice of acupuncture

practice regarding

questionable accounting practices regarding the sale of hardware

practice within

ethical practice within the profession

a change in practice

changes in employment practices

a code of practice (esp. BrE)

voluntary codes of practice between sellers and customers

make a practice of sth

I don't make a practice of forgetting to pay my bills, I assure you!

4 work/office of a professional person
clinical, legal, medical, professional
family (esp. AmE), general (both medicine)

a physician in family practice (AmE)

a doctor in general practice (BrE)


a psychologist in private practice


It's a group practice, so you can easily change doctors.

be in, go into, set up in

She wants to go into general practice.

retire from
suspend sb from

He has been suspended from practice.

begin, establish, open, start

Martin began his own practice in 1993.

She has opened a new practice in the town.


He runs a successful legal practice in Ohio.


She maintains a private practice as a mental health consultant.


A new partner has joined the practice.

Practice is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑attorney
Practice is used with these nouns as the object: ↑line

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