considerable, effusive, extravagant, fulsome, glowing, great, high, lavish, special, unstinting, warm

The speech earned him lavish praise from the press.


My comment sounds like damning with faint praise (= praise so little that you seem to be criticizing).

critical (= praise from the critics of art, music, etc.)

The novels have won widespread critical praise.


His accomplishments won him wide public praise.

be full of, be fulsome in (esp. BrE), be gushing in (esp. BrE), be unstinting in, gush with (esp. AmE)

The critics were full of praise for the movie.

The director is equally gushing in his praise of the actor.

He was unstinting in his praise of his teacher.

She gushed with praise for the winners.

give sb, have, offer

He has great praise for his co-stars.

single sb out for

The team's coach singled his goalkeeper out for praise.

heap, lavish, shower (sb with)

an article heaping praise on the government

come in for, receive
attract, draw, earn, garner, get, win

The play has attracted universal praise.


These artists deserve praise for the clarity of their visions.

beyond praise

This book is beyond praise.

in praise of

He wrote many poems in praise of his wife.

praise for

They earned praise for their efforts.

praise from

The decision also won praise from local people.

praise of

her praise of his skill

praise to

much joyous singing and praise to God

a chorus of praise, a paean of praise (literary)

The French manager led the chorus of praise for the German team.

have nothing but praise for sb/sth

The patients interviewed had nothing but praise for the hospital staff.

sing sb's praises

The newspapers were singing the president's praises.

a word of praise

There were words of praise for the show's designer.

effusively, highly, lavishly, warmly

He praised all his staff highly.

justly, rightly

Her achievements in this field have been rightly praised.


She repeatedly praised him and his works.

be quick to

The defeated captain was quick to praise the winning team.


They praised him for his cooking.

be unanimously praised, be universally praised, be widely praised

The album has been universally praised for its creativity.

praise sb/sth to the skies

Her manager praised her to the skies.

Praise is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑critic
Praise is used with these nouns as the object: ↑bravery, ↑decision, ↑effort, ↑god, ↑work

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