little, quick, short

She whispered a little prayer.

private, quiet, silent

She uttered a silent prayer.

fervent, heartfelt
afternoon, bedtime, evening, midday, morning, noon

the five daily ritual prayers of Islam


Muslims attend Friday prayers at the mosque.

Christian, Jewish, etc.
school (esp. AmE)

the contentious issue of school prayer

give, offer, offer up, pray, say, send up, utter

He gave a prayer of thanks to the troops.

I sent up a quick prayer and entered the interview room.

She began to pray a prayer of sincere gratitude.

mutter, whisper

Whenever I pass a temple, I mutter a quick prayer.

chant, read, recite

Priests chanted prayers and read from sacred texts.

remember sb in

Let us remember them in our prayers today.


Does God answer our prayers?


Thankfully, his prayers were granted.

kneel in

The congregation kneeled in prayer.

join in, meet for

Local groups meet for prayer.


We had family prayers before breakfast.


Students are required to attend prayers twice a week.


An imam leads the prayer and usually gives a sermon.


He fiddled with his prayer beads.

mat, rug

a Jewish prayer shawl


Buddhist prayer flags fluttering in the breeze


Tibetan monks use a prayer wheel.

meeting, service, session, vigil
breakfast (AmE)
circle, group

a prayer leader at the mosque

hall, room

a Buddhist prayer hall

a multi-faith prayer room in the college

at prayer

He spends an hour each day at prayer.

in prayer

She moved her lips in silent prayer.

prayer for

a prayer for peace

prayer of

I said a prayer of grateful thanks to God.

prayer over

He spoke a brief prayer over their meal.

prayer to
the answer to sb's prayers (= exactly what sb needs)

The letter was the answer to all her prayers.

not have a prayer (= be sure to fail)

This never had a prayer of working.

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