1 (BrE) commercial area where cars cannot go

the £1.3-million redevelopment of the shopping precinct

2 (AmE) police district; a police station

He was handcuffed and taken down to the police precinct.

17th, 102nd, etc.

I went down to my local precinct to make a report.


He wrote yesterday from a police precinct house in New Orleans.


The former Queens precinct commander has slashed crime.

3 (AmE) part of a town or city for elections
key, targeted

Campaigners walked door-to-door in targeted precincts.

Democratic, Republican
African-American, Hispanic, etc.

Did you walk your precinct on the day of the vote?


Republicans have targeted precincts throughout the country.


A number of issues will be discussed at the precinct caucus.

captain, chairman, committeeman

The precinct captains were able to round up 6 000 volunteers.


The precinct returns show that the support received by both men was remarkable.

in precinct

You can register to vote in your precinct by showing proof of residence.

the precinct level

We're literally organizing leadership down to the precinct level.

4 area around a building

the sacred precinct of Apollo

inner, outer
abbey, castle, palace, shrine, temple, etc.

It was forbidden to enter the temple precincts.

in precinct

The event was held in the precincts of the parish church.

within precinct

He took up residence in chambers within the precinct of a monastery.

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