1 getting sth ready
careful, thorough

two years of intense preparation


He found it good preparation for the diplomatic skills needed in his new job.


As with any business, proper preparation is required.

inadequate, poor

He had received inadequate preparation for a professional career.


It is the initial preparation that takes the time.

advance, prior

An awful lot of advance preparation must have gone into this summit.

Prior preparation is vital for achieving success.

mental, physical

her mental preparation for the games

academic, educational (both esp. AmE)

individuals who do not have the money or academic preparation to attend college

teacher (AmE)

a college-based teacher preparation program

food, meal

food preparation and food handling tips

need, require

a dish that requires no elaborate preparation or cooking


He's done a lot of preparation for this meeting.


They receive a fine preparation for college.


the agency that oversees the preparation of the budget


This simple dish takes very little preparation time.

course (esp. AmE), programme/program (esp. AmE)

Many Taiwanese children take preparation courses for the SATs.

Teacher preparation programs train teachers to become effective instructors of children.

The preparation program was well designed.

in preparation for

Get a good night's sleep in preparation for the drive.

2 preparations things done to get sth ready
elaborate, meticulous, special

extensive preparations for war

final, last-minute
Christmas, wedding, etc.
military, war

military preparations for full-scale action

War preparations intensified.


We're making the final preparations for the party.

begin, start
continue, go ahead with
be busy with

She flew in from Paris to oversee final preparations.

complete, finalize, finish

A week before the ceremony, wedding preparations began.

be in hand (BrE), be underway

Preparations are now in hand to close half the factories.

be complete
preparation for

The family can now go ahead with preparations for the funeral.

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