1 being present

The mere presence of children in the room is enough to upset him.

constant, continued, continuing, permanent
growing, increased, increasing

the increased presence of Asian actors in Hollywood

significant, strong, substantial

The company now has a strong presence in Germany.


He remained a dominant presence in the art world.


the overwhelming presence of the church in daily lives

pervasive, ubiquitous

the pervasive presence of the Web

He's become a ubiquitous presence on talk shows.


Her comforting presence made him feel safe.


the physical presence of actors among the audience


the visible presence of campus security

online, Web

Fox's efforts to create a Web presence for the movie.


I could see no signs of human presence.

indicate, reveal, show, suggest

These chemicals could indicate the presence of water on the planet.


Tests confirmed the presence of the disease.


He acknowledged our presence with a nod of his head.

request, require

The King requested our presence this morning.

Your presence is required two days from now.


a small business that doesn't have a Web presence


Establishing a strong presence on the Internet is a top priority.

expand, increase

The company plans to expand its presence in emerging markets.

grace sb with (ironic or humorous)

How nice of you to grace us with your presence!

in sb's presence

He should never have made those remarks in your presence.

make your presence felt, make your presence known

She certainly made her presence felt in the boardroom.

2 number of people
constant, continuing, permanent

a permanent American presence overseas

military, naval, police

There was a strong police presence throughout the demonstration.

The march went ahead in spite of the overwhelming police presence.


The United States has a substantial military presence in the country.


The army maintains a constant presence in the area.

3 force of personality
charismatic, commanding, dominating, formidable, great, imposing, intimidating, powerful, strong

She was a formidable presence on the set.

He was still an intimidating presence.

screen, stage

He has a commanding screen presence.

4 (literary) a person or spirit that you cannot see
alien, ghostly

I felt as though there was some ghostly presence.


Flame has always symbolized a divine presence.


She sensed an evil presence, and it was growing stronger.

feel, sense

She felt a presence in the room.

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