exorbitant, high, inflated, prohibitive, steep

They charge exorbitant prices for their goods.

The price of fuel is prohibitive.

rising, soaring
cheap, low
bargain, budget, discounted, knock-down (BrE), reduced, rock-bottom

designer clothes at bargain prices

affordable, attractive, competitive, decent, fair, reasonable, right

We sell quality tools at the right price.


I managed to get a good price for my old car.

asking, purchase

What's the asking price for this house?

You need to pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price of the property.

recommended (esp. BrE), suggested (esp. AmE)

The suggested retail price of the DVD is $19.99.

retail, sale, sales, selling
cost (esp. BrE)

They are selling off summer shoes at cost price.

base (esp. AmE)

The car has a base price of $28 640.

full, half

Children travel half price until age ten.


They sell cars at fixed prices, with no haggling.


This website tells you the market price of all makes of second-hand car.

admission, ticket

admission prices at the museum

bond, commodity, gold, share (esp. BrE), stock (esp. AmE)
house, housing (esp. AmE), land, property (esp. BrE), real estate (esp. AmE)
electricity, energy, fuel, gas, gasoline (AmE), oil, petrol (BrE)
command, fetch, go for

Property in the area is now fetching ridiculously high prices.

give sb, quote sb

I got a number of suppliers to quote me their best prices.

agree, agree on, negotiate

Banding together allows growers to negotiate a better price for their crop.

charge, fix, set

It's always worth comparing prices before you buy.

boost, double, increase, push up, raise

The deal would boost gas prices.

bring down, cut, drop, lower, mark down, push down, reduce, slash

The campaign urged retailers to drop their prices.


We need to adjust our prices to reflect our actual costs.

go up in, increase in, rise in

Oil is set in go up in price.

come down in
range in, vary in

These computers range in price from £1 300 to £2 000.

climb, double, go up, increase, jump, rise, shoot up, skyrocket, soar, spike (esp. AmE)

House prices went up by 5% last year.

Prices soared during the war.

collapse, drop, fall, go down, plummet, plunge, slump, tumble

If prices slump further, the farmers will starve.

fluctuate, swing
go from … to … , range from … to … , start at, vary

Prices go from $30 for the standard model to $150 for the de luxe version.

level, range
hike (informal), increase, rise, spike
cut, drop
change, fluctuation, movement, volatility

I got a shock when I looked at the price tag.


the share price index

at a/the price

Food is available, at a price (= at a high price).

I can't afford it at that price.

in price

Cigarettes have remained stable in price for some time.

a drop in price, a fall in price, a reduction in price
an increase in price, a rise in price
pay a heavy price (for sth), pay a high price (for sth), pay the price (for sth)

The team paid a heavy price for its lack of preparation.

place a price on sth, put a price on sth

You can't put a price on happiness.

the price of freedom, success, etc. (= the unpleasant things you must suffer to have freedom, success, etc.)
price per gallon, pound, etc.

The average price per gallon was $2.09.

a small price to pay (for sth)

The cost of a policy premium is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

verb be priced
exorbitantly, highly, outrageously
aggressively, cheaply
affordably, attractively, competitively, economically, fairly, moderately, modestly, realistically, reasonably, sensibly

a wide range of competitively priced office furniture

comparatively, similarly

It has a much longer battery life than other comparatively priced laptops.


This is considered a luxury item and is priced accordingly.


The car is priced at $60 000.


Tickets for the concert are priced between £15 and £35.

from, to

The kits are priced from £8.50 to £20.

be priced high, be priced low

The house was priced much too high.

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