1 feeling of being proud of sb/sth
fierce, great

She took justifiable pride in her son's achievements.


He smiled with fatherly pride.

feel, have, swell with

They have a fierce pride in their traditions.

He swelled with pride as he held the trophy.

with pride

I wear my policeman's uniform with pride.

‘My daughter's a writer,’ he added with pride.

pride in

She expressed pride in her child's achievement.

a cause for pride, a matter for pride

Their reputation for fairness is a matter for pride.

a source of pride
take (a) pride in sth

She takes great pride in her work.

2 self-respect
family, masculine, personal, professional

His masculine pride would not let him admit that a girl had defeated him.

civic, local, national, patriotic

Businesses rushed to include images of patriotic pride in their marketing.

ethnic (esp. AmE), gay, racial

the politics of racial pride and Black Power

dented (BrE), hurt, injured, wounded

He was nursing his hurt pride.

foolish, stubborn

It was foolish pride that prevented me from believing her.


I don't want your money—I have my pride, you know!

hurt, wound

I didn't mean to hurt your pride.

restore, salvage

We want to restore pride in our public services.

They managed to salvage some pride with a late goal.

sacrifice (esp. AmE), swallow

She swallowed her pride and called him.

out of pride

She refused their help out of pride.

through pride

It would be stupid to refuse through pride.

a matter of pride

It is a matter of pride for him that he has never accepted money from his family.

a sense of pride

They have a strong sense of pride in their work.

with your pride intact

She refused his offer tactfully, allowing him to go away with his pride intact.

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