1 basic general rule
basic, broad, central, fundamental, general, underlying

the basic principles of car maintenance

bedrock (esp. AmE), cardinal, core, essential, key

His novels reject chronology as an organizing principle.

abstract, theoretical

She is interested in actual human relationships rather than abstract principles.

constitutional, democratic, legal, market, political
mathematical, physical, scientific

This violates every principle of good writing.

embody, embrace, illustrate, incorporate

The house incorporates many principles of modern environmentally aware design.

discover, establish, formulate, lay down
apply, invoke
articulate, explain, outline

This principle applies to all kinds of selling.

underlie sth, underpin sth

the principles underlying Western philosophy

in principle

I agree with you in principle, but we'll need to discuss the details.

principle behind

She went on to explain the principles behind what she was doing.

the pleasure principle, the precautionary principle, the uncertainty principle

Does everything we do come down to the pleasure principle?

2 moral rule
founding, guiding

Freedom is the founding principle of our Republic.

Biblical, religious
Christian, Islamic, etc.
ethical, moral

He was a man of high moral principles.

abandon, betray, compromise

I refuse to compromise my principles by eating meat.

adhere to, stick to, uphold

She sticks to the principle that everyone should be treated equally.

be enshrined in sth

The principle of equality is enshrined in our Constitution.

against your principles

Eating meat was against her principles.

on principle

She's opposed to abortion on principle.

a matter of principle

They reject the proposal as a matter of principle.

a man/woman of principle (= person with high moral standards)

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