1 sth that causes difficulties
acute, big, enormous, grave, great, huge, important, major, serious, significant

Our greatest problem is the lack of funds.


The traffic in illegal drugs is a global problem.


The accident poses a terrible problem for the family.

little, minor, petty, slight
complex, complicated, difficult, knotty, thorny, tough
basic, central, fundamental, key, main, major, number-one (esp. AmE)

Access to capital is often the number-one problem for many entrepreneurs.


the underlying problem that's causing your high blood pressure

annoying, vexing (esp. AmE)
pressing, urgent

Unforeseen problems often arise.

possible, potential

Fortunately, it's easy to avoid any potential problems.

insoluble, insuperable (formal), insurmountable (formal), intractable (formal)

Depression is a natural feeling if your problems seem intractable.

unresolved, unsolved

The role of the sun in climate change is still a big unsolved problem.

age-old, long-standing, long-term, perennial
chronic, ongoing, persistent, recurring

the inherent problems of merging two very different companies

logistical, practical
mechanical, technical

Systemic security problems have been identified.

attitude, behaviour/behavior, behavioural/behavioral, developmental, emotional, mental, mental-health, psychiatric, psychological

His teachers say he has an attitude problem.

family, personal

Her new job had taken her mind off her family problems for a while.


We had communication problems.

fertility, health, medical, physical, sexual, sleep
back, heart, knee
alcohol, drink (BrE), drinking (AmE), drug, gambling, substance-abuse

She had serious substance abuse problems with both cocaine and heroin.

economic, financial, money

They sold their car to ease their financial problems.

marital, marriage
ethical, moral

Most people can see the ethical problem with accepting such an offer.

host, set

We're faced with a whole host of new problems.

an elegant solution to a very complex set of problems

be, pose, present (sb with), remain

Inadequate resources pose a problem for all members of staff.


He developed a drinking problem.

bring, cause, create, pose

Success brings its own problems.

Staff shortages cause problems for the organization.

complicate, compound
be beset with, be confronted by, be confronted with, be dogged by (esp. BrE), be faced with, be fraught with, confront, encounter, experience, face, run into, suffer

He has been faced with all sorts of problems in his new job.

The plan has been fraught with problems from the start.


an important step in battling the terrorist problem

attribute, blame

the problems attributed to capitalism

They blame the problem on the new prescription drug law.


She raised the problem of falling sales at the last meeting.


He doesn't really see the problem.

acknowledge, admit, recognize

I'm glad you finally admitted your problem.


He doesn't seem to understand my problem.

anticipate, foresee

I don't anticipate any future problems in that regard.

detect, discover, identify, isolate, pinpoint, spot
indicate, point out

These symptoms may indicate a serious problem.

assess, examine, investigate, study

They created a task force to study this problem.

diagnose, figure out (esp. AmE), work out
consider, debate, discuss, look at, look into
describe, frame (esp. AmE)

Framing the problem is an important step.

address, approach, attack, combat, come to grips with, counter, get to grips with, grapple with, handle, manage, tackle

The next meeting will address the problem of obesity.


This illustrates another potential problem.

highlight, underscore (esp. AmE)

This underscores the biggest problem with electronic voting.


All the anti-depressant does is mask the problem.

avoid, circumvent, find a way around, find a way round (esp. BrE), get around, get round (esp. BrE), prevent, sidestep

For years I've tried to overlook this problem.


I forgot my problems for a moment.

clear up, correct, cure, deal with, eliminate, fix (esp. AmE), iron out, overcome, rectify, remedy, repair, resolve, settle, solve, sort out, troubleshoot

He had to undergo surgery to cure the problem with his knee.

alleviate, ease, minimize, mitigate, reduce, relieve, simplify
aggravate, exacerbate, exaggerate, magnify, worsen
analyse/analyze, explore
arise, come up, crop up, emerge, occur, surface

problems arising from poor ventilation

begin, originate

No one ever asked why or how the problem originated.

persist, remain

If the problem persists you should see a doctor.

The basic problem remains the lack of available housing.

afflict sb, beset sb, confront sb, face sb, plague sb
lie in sth

The problem lies in the lack of communication between managers and staff.

Therein lies the problem.

result from sth, stem from sth

a problem resulting from technical inadequacy

area, spot
drinker, gambler

One out of every five people is a problem drinker.

drinking, gambling

a new approach to problem drinking

page (BrE) (= in a magazine, containing letters about readers' problems)
problem about

I didn't imagine there would be a problem about getting tickets.

problem for

The rail strike is a problem for all commuters.

problem of

the problem of poverty

problem with

Do you have a problem with her?

an approach to a problem
the crux of the problem, the heart of the problem, the root of the problem

We need to get to the root of the problem before we can solve it.

the answer to a problem, a remedy to a problem, a solution to a problem

He believes he may have found the answer to his problem.

He believes he may have found a solution to the problem.

the scale of a problem
2 question to be solved
complicated, difficult
easy, simple
math (AmE), mathematical, maths (BrE)

the ability to solve simple mathematical problems

do, find the answer to, solve, work out

I have five problems to do for homework.

set (AmE)
Problem is used with these nouns: ↑area, ↑behaviour, ↑child, ↑drinker, ↑gambler, ↑gambling

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