1 sb/sth that makes/grows sth
big, large, large-scale, leading, major, primary

one of the world's largest meat producers

second-largest, third-largest, etc.

the world's fifth-largest wine producer

small, small-scale

a very efficient wine producer

domestic, local
specialist (esp. BrE)

specialist producers of high-quality British beef


the commercial pork producers in the region


organic producers of meat, eggs and dairy products

beef, cattle, dairy, hog (AmE), livestock, milk, oil, pork, poultry, power (esp. AmE), software, steel, etc.
2 sb that organizes a play, film/movie, etc.
film, movie (esp. AmE), radio, television, TV
music, record
BBC, Hollywood, etc.

We commission TV shows from independent producers.

co-executive, executive, senior
assistant, associate

legendary record producer Bruce Dickinson

award-winning, top

He's been a top producer and mixer for the past decade.

the role of producer

She was willing to take on the role of producer.

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