(BrE) (AmE program) noun
1 plan of things to do
ambitious, innovative
broad, comprehensive, intensive, major, massive, radical

a comprehensive programme of economic reform


a varied programme of entertainment


The pilot programme of vaccination proved successful.

party, political
collaborative, joint

joint programmes between government and industry

national, nationwide
action, development, improvement, modernization, privatization, research
economic, expenditure, financial, investment, marketing, recovery, spending

Mr Brown called for a national recovery programme.

austerity, closure (BrE), cost-cutting (esp. BrE)

The company began a major cost-cutting programme which involved 1 700 job losses.

aid, assistance, relief, welfare
mentoring (esp. AmE), outreach

Support is provided through the community outreach programme.

instructional, tutoring (both AmE)
assessment, testing
care, health, health-care

a community-care programme for psychiatric patients

screening, treatment, vaccination

a diabetes treatment programme

large-scale screening programmes of newborns

rehab (informal), rehabilitation

She helped him get into a drug rehab programme.

inpatient, outpatient

a residential drug treatment programme

crime-prevention, drug-prevention, etc.
breeding, building, conservation, defence/defense, missile, nuclear, rebuilding, weapons

Female seals are needed for the breeding programme.

exercise, weight-loss, workout (esp. AmE)
internship (AmE), residency (esp. AmE)

a residency programme for artists

accredited, certificate, certification (all AmE)

students in an accredited journalism programme

college, school (both esp. AmE)
graduate, undergraduate (both esp. AmE)
degree, doctoral, Master's (all esp. AmE)

students enrolled on the two-year MA degree programme

academic (esp. AmE), education, educational, literacy, training, vocational
English, history, physics, science, etc. (all esp. AmE)
after-school (esp. AmE)

an after-school science programme that promotes science literacy

online (esp. AmE)

The foundation's online learning programme brings the classroom to you.

two-year, three-year, etc. (all esp. AmE)

a two-year master's programme

agree, agree on, develop, draw up, establish, have, initiate, institute, organize, plan, set up

The course leader outlined the programme we would be following.

administer, carry out, conduct, implement, launch, run

The college offers a wide variety of programmes of study.

finance, fund

How is the programme to be financed?

begin, embark on, enter, start, undertake
enrol/enroll in, enrol/enroll on (both esp. AmE)

She enrolled in a Master's programme in American history


He must attend a sex offenders' programme.

follow, pursue
cancel, scrap

The government says it will scrap all of its nuclear programmes.

coordinate, oversee

He is coordinating a Europe-wide research programme into treatments for prostate cancer.

aim to, allow (sb) sth, be aimed at sb/sth, be designed to

The programme aims to increase employment.

include sth, involve sb/sth
offer sth, provide sth
target sb/sth

an exercise programme targeting those weak points

focus on

a graduate programme that focuses on a chosen profession

in a/the programme, on the/your programme

What's on your programme today (= What are your plans)?

programme for

What's the programme for (= What are we going to do) tomorrow?

programme of

a programme of lectures

a program of study (AmE)

the aim of a programme, the objective of a programme, the purpose of a programme
2 radio/television show
radio, television, TV
current-affairs, documentary, factual (all esp. BrE)
cookery (BrE), cooking (AmE), music, religious, wildlife, etc.
call-in (AmE), phone-in (BrE)
flagship (esp. BrE)

BBC radio's flagship news programme

see, watch
listen to
do, make
host, present

a news programme hosted by Freddie Greenan

air, broadcast, screen, show
cancel, scrap
in a/the programme

In today's programme, we'll be giving you advice on how to manage your money.

on a/the programme

He appeared on the programme last night.

programme about, programme on

I saw a good programme on owls last night.

3 booklet for a play/concert/event
concert, theatre/theater
match, race
in the programme

Her name doesn't appear in the concert programme.

4 order of events
exciting, interesting
musical, sporting (BrE)
arrange, draw up, plan, organize

We're planning an exciting programme of activities.

consist of sth, include sth
programme of

a programme of 17th-century music

a programme of events

The programme of events also includes a parade and poetry recitations.

Programme/program is used with these nouns as the object: ↑computer, ↑video

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