1 encourage sth

Human rights are strongly promoted by all our members.

actively, directly
effectively, successfully
deliberately, intentionally

They claimed that the authorities had deliberately promoted the violence.

aim to, seek to, try to
help (to)

Basketball stars have helped promote the sport overseas.

be designed to

measures designed to promote economic growth

be likely to
serve to

Bonus payments to staff serve to promote commitment to the company.

tend to

Young people's awareness of the issues is promoted through publicity material.

a campaign to promote sth, a scheme to promote sth (BrE)
be aimed at promoting sth
be widely promoted
efforts to promote sth, measures to promote sth
2 advertise sth
aggressively, heavily, vigorously

The new products have been very heavily promoted.


The country is now being promoted as a travel destination.


The company's products have been promoted mainly through advertising in newspapers.

Promote is used with these nouns as the object: ↑artist, ↑awareness, ↑benefit, ↑cause, ↑circulation, ↑competence, ↑competition, ↑confidence, ↑consumption, ↑cooperation, ↑creativity, ↑debate, ↑democracy, ↑development, ↑diversity, ↑education, ↑efficiency, ↑emergence, ↑engagement, ↑enterprise, ↑equality, ↑excellence, ↑expansion, ↑export, ↑film, ↑freedom, ↑friendship, ↑growth, ↑harmony, ↑health, ↑idea, ↑ideal, ↑ideology, ↑image, ↑importance, ↑improvement, ↑independence, ↑initiative, ↑innovation, ↑integration, ↑interest, ↑intimacy, ↑investment, ↑justice, ↑learning, ↑lifestyle, ↑literacy, ↑movement, ↑movie, ↑myth, ↑objective, ↑participation, ↑partnership, ↑peace, ↑policy, ↑practice, ↑product, ↑production, ↑reconciliation, ↑recovery, ↑reform, ↑relaxation, ↑religion, ↑research, ↑resilience, ↑right, ↑site, ↑sleep, ↑solidarity, ↑spirit, ↑sport, ↑spread, ↑stability, ↑teaching, ↑teamwork, ↑thinking, ↑tolerance, ↑tourism, ↑trade, ↑understanding, ↑unity, ↑use, ↑value, ↑view, ↑violence, ↑virtue, ↑vision, ↑wares, ↑welfare, ↑well-being

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