angry, strong, violent
non-violent, peaceful
sit-down (BrE)
formal, official
popular, public, student
anti-government, anti-war, etc.
political, social
rooftop (BrE), street

a rooftop protest by prison inmates

street protests by residents

storm, wave

The new tax sparked a wave of public protest.

organize, stage
lodge, make, register

The Samoan team lodged a formal protest against the decision.

The government has made an official protest.

lead to, spark
group, movement
demonstration, march, meeting, rally
strike (esp. BrE)
petition (esp. BrE)
in protest

Prisoners shouted and hurled slates in protest.

under protest

The strikers returned to work, but under protest.

without protest

The crowd dispersed without protest.

protest about

a protest about the new bypass

protest against

There had been a number of public protests against the new tax.

protest over

a student protest over tuition fees

a chorus of protest, a cry of protest, a howl of protest

The announcement brought cries of protest from the crowd.

a letter of protest
in protest at (esp. BrE), in protest of (AmE)

The party boycotted the election in protest at alleged vote rigging.

Winters quit the company board in protest of Eisner's plans.

strongly, vehemently, vigorously

the right to protest peacefully

angrily, bitterly, indignantly
begin to, try to

When he tried to protest, she insisted.

gather to

Crowds gathered to protest about the police violence.

about, over

Many people protested over the tax increase.


They were protesting against the proposed agreement.


Many people have protested at the cuts in state benefits.


We have protested to the government.

the freedom to protest, the right to protest

They were exercising their lawful right to protest.

Protest is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑demonstrator, ↑muscle
Protest is used with these nouns as the object: ↑arrest, ↑decision, ↑injustice, ↑innocence, ↑movement, ↑occupation

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(solemnly), , , , , , , , , (solemnly), , , , (made in a formal manner against something)

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