1 how good/bad sth is
excellent, exceptional, good, high, outstanding, superior, top

All our cakes are made with top-quality ingredients.

inferior, low, poor
variable, varying
product, service
audio, recording, sound
image, picture, video
air, water
artistic, technical
enhance, improve, raise
affect, compromise, impact (AmE), impact on, impair (esp. BrE), reduce, sacrifice

How can we increase production without sacrificing quality?

assess, determine, evaluate, judge, measure, monitor, rate, test

We aim to deliver quality to our customers.

go down, suffer

When costs are cut, product quality suffers.

of … quality

The photos are of variable quality.

quality of life

Advances in technology would, it was hoped, improve the quality of life.

2 characteristic
admirable, desirable, endearing, fine, good, great, positive

I found him thoroughly unpleasant, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

individual, personal
inherent, innate, intrinsic
distinctive, particular, special, unique, wonderful
elusive, rare, star

a singer with that elusive quality that sells records

They have real star quality.

essential, important
aesthetic, artistic, literary
dreamlike, magical, timeless
moral, spiritual
feminine, masculine
have, possess
display, show

The music gives the movie a dreamlike quality.

Quality is used with these nouns: ↑beer, ↑content, ↑craftsmanship, ↑education, ↑food, ↑furniture, ↑hotel, ↑ingredient, ↑magazine, ↑merchandise, ↑newspaper, ↑paper, ↑press, ↑produce, ↑product, ↑reproduction, ↑service, ↑shopping, ↑stationery, ↑time, ↑wine, ↑workmanship

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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