good, great, quality
alcohol-free, light, low-alcohol, no-alcohol, non-alcoholic
cold, ice-cold
black, blonde, dark
craft, specialty (both AmE)
domestic (esp. AmE), imported, local
bottled, cask (BrE), draught/draft, keg
flat (= that the gas has gone out of)

The bar smelled of stale beer.

ginger, root (AmE)
pint (BrE)

I ordered half a pint of beer with my sandwich.

barrel, bottle, can, keg, pitcher (AmE)
cup (AmE), glass, mug (AmE), tankard
case (esp. AmE), crate (esp. BrE), six-pack

Do you drink beer?


Will you have a beer?

get, grab (esp. AmE)

He downed his beer in one go.

chug (AmE), gulp, gulp at, guzzle, sip, sip at, swig
take a gulp of, take a sip of, take a swig of
draw, pour (sb)

This beer should be drawn slowly.

He poured us all a beer.

buy (sb), order

I saw him at the bar ordering a beer.

sell, serve
go for (BrE), go out for

I'm going (out) for a beer with Carl tonight.


I have some beers chilling in the cooler.

go flat
flow (figurative)

The beer flowed freely after the game.


He slammed his glass down and the beer spilled over the sides.

drinker, lover
barrel, bottle, can, crate (esp. BrE), glass, keg, mug, stein (AmE), tankard
coaster (AmE), mat (BrE)
cooler (esp. AmE)
consumption, production, sales
ad (informal), advertisement, commercial
cellar (BrE), garden

Children are welcome in the beer garden.

belly, gut (both informal)

He's only twenty but he already has a beer belly.


Singing in bars keeps him in beer money (= earns him a little money).

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