1 great anger
blind, pure
blinding, boiling, burning, seething, uncontrollable
homicidal (esp. AmE), murderous
helpless, impotent

She was burning with impotent rage.

pent-up, suppressed
bout, burst, fit

He punched the wall in a fit of rage.

be full of, feel, fill sb with

He was filled with rage.

be beside yourself with, be boiling with, burn with, explode with, fume with, seethe with

He glared at me, quite beside himself with rage.

Her eyes were burning with rage.

I was seething with rage.

be contorted with, contort with

‘How dare you!’ she said, her face contorted with rage.

shake with, tremble with

He was literally shaking with rage.

Her voice was trembling with rage.

be red with, be white with
express, unleash, vent

The people vented their rage on government buildings.


His answer only seemed to fuel her rage.

channel, control, master

He managed to master his rage.

boil, boil over, boil up, burn

Ron felt rage boil up inside him.

Her rage boiled over as she burst into tears.

build up, grow

She felt the rage building up inside her.

consume sb, fill sb

Blind rage consumed him.


His rage suddenly erupted.


His rage was beginning to subside.

with rage

She was speechless with rage.

rage at

He was boiling with rage at the unfairness of it all.

a bellow of rage, a cry of rage, a roar of rage, a scream of rage

He gave a roar of rage and punched me in the face.

tears of rage
2 sudden display of great anger
blind, terrible, towering

He was prone to violent rages.


She started hitting him in a drunken rage.

air, road, etc.

A motorist was assaulted in a road rage attack.

be in, fly into, get in

If something's too difficult she gets in a rage.

in a rage

She killed him in a rage of despair.

rage about

He was in a towering rage about his lost watch.

rage at

He flew into a rage at the insult.

rage of

He left in a rage of humiliation.

1 show great anger

She was still raging about the treatment she had received.


I raged inwardly against his injustice.


The team was left raging at the referee's decision.

2 continue with great force
on, still

The argument still rages on.


Even the dogs were quiet while the heated quarrel raged around them.


Fire raged through the forest.


She tried to control the fury raging within her.

rage unabated

The storm raged unabated.

Rage is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑argument, ↑battle, ↑blizzard, ↑conflict, ↑controversy, ↑debate, ↑fighting, ↑fire, ↑row, ↑storm, ↑war

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