1 bar
guard, safety
curtain, picture, towel (all esp. BrE)

heated towel rails

altar, balcony, banister, porch (esp. AmE), stair
bottom, top

She climbed onto the top fence rail.

steel, wooden, etc.
grab, grasp, grip, hold on to, lean on

She held tightly on to the rail.

hang from

Lace curtains hung from the brass rails over the bed.

fit, fix
on a/the rail

She sat on the rail.

over a/the rail

He folded the towel over the rail.

2 (usually rails) tracks
run along rails, run on rails

Trams run along rails.

along (the) rails

The train thundered along the rails.

between the rail

Weeds grew between the rails.

on (the) rails

The gun is mounted on rails.

come off the rails, go off the rails

The train came off the rails.

She was worried her son was going to go completely off the rails. (figurative)

ride the rails (= travel around by train) (AmE)
3 system of trains
high-speed, light

Many business people now opt for high-speed rail rather than flying.

commuter, freight, passenger (all esp. AmE)

He uses a combination of commuter rail and subway to get to work.

fare, ticket (both esp. BrE)
network, system

efforts to modernize the rail network

timetable (esp. BrE)
connection, link

the Channel Tunnel rail link

line, track
journey (esp. BrE), trip
station, terminal
car (esp. AmE)
commuter, passenger, traveller/traveler, user (all esp. BrE)
transit (AmE), transport (esp. BrE), transportation (esp. AmE), travel
accident, crash, disaster (all esp. BrE)
staff (BrE), worker
union (BrE)
enthusiast (BrE)
by rail

We went from Paris to Budapest by rail.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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