1 different things within the same category
broad, enormous, extensive, great, huge, large, vast, wide
complete, comprehensive, entire, full, whole
excellent, exciting, good, superb (esp. BrE)

You can enjoy an excellent range of leisure and sporting facilities.

astonishing, extraordinary, impressive, remarkable

people from a diverse range of backgrounds

limited, restricted

Come and see our new range of furniture.


For more information about our product range, call your local office.

have, stock

They stock a very wide range of gardening tools.

make, produce
offer (sb), provide (sb with), supply (sb with)

We provide a full range of financial services.

choose (sth) from, try out

Students can choose from a wide range of options.

display, exhibit
reflect, represent

The artists have been chosen to represent a range of styles.

create, develop, launch

The company is launching a new range of cosmetics.

broaden, expand, extend
include sth

Our comprehensive range of benefits includes pension and health insurance.

in a/the range

the other models in their new range

the bottom of the range, the middle of the range, the top of the range

This is a top-of-the-range refrigerator.

2 amount between particular limits
broad, wide
ability, age, price, size, temperature, etc.
cover, encompass, feature, include, span

The books cover the full range of reading abilities.


The experiments show a surprisingly wide range of results.

extend, increase

These books are designed to extend the range of children's language.

limit, restrict

Many factors limit women's range of job choices.

across a/the range

There is considerable variation in ability across the range.

in a/the range

Most of the students are in the 17–21 age range.

outside a/the range

No, that's completely outside my price range.

within a/the range

The level of mistakes is within the acceptable range of standards for a public organization.

range of

a broad range of abilities

3 distance that it is possible to travel, see, etc.

The missiles are effective over a long range.

close, point-blank, short

He shot her at point-blank range.


a gun for precision shooting at medium range


The receiver has a maximum range of about 30 feet.

hearing, visual (both esp. AmE)

I listened, but the voices were just out of hearing range.

beyond range

This car is beyond the range of most people's pockets.

in range, within range

Are we within range of the local transmitter?

out of range

Don't shoot yet—he's still out of range.

outside a/the range

It's outside my range of vision.

4 area of land for a particular purpose
archery, bombing, firing, shooting

shooting ranges where competitors shoot at targets

driving, practice (both in golf)

an 18-bay floodlit driving range

on a/the range

He hit balls on the practice range yesterday.

5 (AmE) piece of equipment for cooking food ⇨ See also ↑cooker, ↑stove
electric, gas
cooking, kitchen
on a/the range

Many chefs prefer to cook on a gas rather than an electric range.

enormously, widely

The opinions they expressed ranged right across the political spectrum.


The town's population ranged between 15 and 20 000.


Her scores ranged from 23% up as high as 88%.


The disease ranges widely in severity.


Her lecture ranged over a number of topics.


an array of lilies, ranging through yellow to purple


prices ranging from about $10 to $500

up to

Their ages range up to 84.

Range is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑colour, ↑estimate, ↑fare, ↑offering, ↑participant, ↑percentage, ↑price, ↑ratio, ↑scale, ↑score, ↑size, ↑subject, ↑temperature, ↑topic, ↑writing

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