1 speed/frequency
constant, expected, regular, steady, unchanged

the slow rate of change

fast, rapid
alarming, phenomenal

The costs of the project are rising at an alarming rate.


There is a low survival rate among babies born before 22 weeks.

elevated, high, increased
ever-increasing, rising

anxiety over rising divorce rates

divorce, marriage
death, fatality, mortality
recovery, survival
birth, fertility
crime, murder, recidivism (technical, esp. AmE), suicide
jobless, unemployment
attrition (esp. AmE), dropout (esp. AmE), turnover

Medical students had a high dropout rate.

graduation (AmE)

Michigan's high-school graduation rate

growth, inflation
heart, metabolic, pulse, respiratory

We need to eat less as we get older and our metabolic rate slows down.

accelerate, improve, increase, speed up

The US has doubled its rate of recycling in ten years.

cut, decrease, hold down, lower, reduce, slow down

Educating girls has the effect of lowering birth rates.

calculate, determine, estimate, measure

how to calculate your resting metabolic rate

be up, go up, shoot up
grow, increase, jump, rise, rocket, skyrocket, soar
be down, come down, go down
decline, decrease, drop, fall, plummet, plunge, slip, slow
at a/the rate

The water was escaping at a rate of 200 gallons a minute.

rate of

the rate of salmonella infections

rate per

the accident rate per 10 000 flight hours

2 amount of money paid
cheap, competitive, low, moderate, reasonable

We have a wide range of vehicles available for hire at competitive rates.

Calls are cheap rate after 6 p.m. (BrE)

extortionate (esp. BrE), high

credit companies that charge extortionate rates of interest


Borrowers want protection against rising interest rates.

excellent, good

The account offers a poor rate of interest.

fixed, flat

You can opt to pay a flat rate for unlimited Internet access.


I'll pay you at the going rate (= the present usual rate of payment).

annual, hourly, weekly
base, basic, standard

I pay the top rate of tax.


current market rates for borrowing

group, preferential (esp. BrE)

Ask about the special group rates for entrance to the museum.

discounted, reduced
bank, exchange, interest, lending, mortgage, tax
determine, fix, peg, set

Global banks have pegged interest rates at 1%.

hike, increase, lift, put up, raise

The deficit has recently exceeded the peak rates of the 1980s.

cut, halve, lower, reduce, slash

We will hold these rates until April.


They charge the usual rate of interest.

give (sb), offer (sb)
climb, go up, increase, jump, jump up, rise, shoot up

Their hourly rates have gone up.

Mortgage rates jumped to 15%.

come down, decline, dip, drop, fall, go down
differ, fluctuate, vary

Exchange rates are fluctuating wildly.

apply to sth

Standard rates of interest apply to these loans.

at a/the rate

money borrowed at a high rate of interest

rate for

the average rate for an unskilled worker

rate of

an increase in the rate of taxation

a drop in rates, a rise in rates

a one-point rise in base lending rates

a rate of return

safe investments which give a good rate of return


Silver was rated more highly than gold.


This airport is consistently rated as the worst in the world.


a golf course that is rated among the top ten in America


It is rated as one of the city's best hotels.


a university that is highly rated for its research work

rate sth on a scale

The difficulty of each exercise is rated on a scale of 1 to 5.

Rate is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑participant
Rate is used with these nouns as the object: ↑chance, ↑mention, ↑quality

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