1 cause/motive/justification; explanation of sth
cogent, good, sound, strong
compelling, convincing
adequate, sufficient
bona fide, legitimate, valid

He married her for all the wrong reasons.


Tom's problem was that he lacked confidence; Ed failed for precisely the opposite reason.

big, chief, key, main, major, primary, principal

There's one big reason why this won't work: cost.

only, simple, sole

The only reason I didn't become a professional golfer was because of my family commitments.

I was never good at school for the simple reason that I never studied.

several, various

I can think of several reasons why this might happen.


Isolation and loneliness are common reasons for depression.

real, underlying

She did not tell him the real reason for her change of heart.

The underlying reasons for these differences will be explored in depth in the next chapter.

cited, ostensible, stated

The company's stated reason for firing him was misconduct.

exact, very

You're asking me to help, and that's the exact reason I came.

apparent, particular

He was attacked for no apparent reason.

no earthly, no possible

Surely there is no earthly reason why you wouldn't want to come with us?

clear, obvious

The reasons for her decision soon became clear.

logical, rational

dismissal for reasons unconnected with misconduct

commercial, economic, financial, legal, political, social, technical
practical, pragmatic
altruistic, humanitarian
be aware of, see

He saw many reasons to be hopeful.


I don't know why he did that, but I'm sure he had his reasons.

I have no reason to believe that she was lying to me.

cite, give (sb/sth), outline, provide, set out, state

Give me one good reason why I should help you.

In the letter she carefully set out her reasons for leaving.


This article lists the most common reasons why people pay too much tax.

offer, suggest
articulate, explain
cite sth as, give sth as, offer sth as
discuss, explore
discover, find, find out, uncover

It's difficult to pinpoint the reasons for her success.

by reason of (formal)

persons in need of care by reason of (= because of) old age

He was found not guilty by reason of insanity. (law)

for a/the reason

procedures carried out for reasons of national security

for reason of (formal)

For reasons of security, you are requested to keep your baggage with you at all times.

with reason, without reason

They complained about the food, and with good reason (= rightly).

reason against

There are obvious reasons against such a move.

reason behind

We are trying to uncover the reasons behind her decision.

reason for

They didn't give any reason for the delay.

all the more reason

If he's unwell, that's all the more reason to go and see him.

all sorts of reasons

People buy things for all sorts of reasons.

every reason, little reason, some reason

I know you're angry with me, and you have every reason (= very good reasons) to be.

You have little reason to be pleased with yourself.

no reason, not any reason

He got angry for no reason.

You don't have any reason to complain.

for reasons best known to yourself

For reasons best known to herself she has turned down the offer.

for some inexplicable reason, for some odd reason, for some strange reason, for some unfathomable reason

For some odd reason, he found it really funny.

for unexplained reasons, for unknown reasons

For unknown reasons, the ship sank in the middle of the ocean.

for whatever reason

people who, for whatever reason, are unable to support themselves

a number of reasons, a variety of reasons
rhyme or reason

There's no rhyme or reason (= logic) to the new opening hours.

not see any reason, see no reason

We see no reason why this band shouldn't be a huge success.

I don't see any reason why you can't come with us.

there is ample reason, there are ample reasons

There is ample reason to be optimistic about the economy.

2 power to think logically; what is possible/right

He seems to have lost all sense and reason.

be open to, listen to, see

I tried to persuade her, but she just wouldn't listen to reason.


Sometimes he does things that defy reason.

beyond reason

He was beyond all reason.

within reason

I'll lend you the money you need—within reason, of course!

an appeal to reason

The residents hope that an appeal to reason (= asking the rioters to be reasonable) will end the rioting.

faculty of reason, sense of reason

We possess the human faculty of reason.

it stands to reason

It stands to reason (= it is logical) that she wouldn't want them to find out about her personal problems.

the voice of reason

She was always the voice of reason, persuading him not to buy things they couldn't afford.

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