1 (esp. BrE) area in a building
report to

All delegates should report to the reception on arrival.

call, call down to, phone, ring (BrE)
area, lobby (AmE)
counter, desk (AmE, BrE)
at reception (BrE), at the reception

The man at the reception says there's a call for you.

I've left the keys at reception.

in reception

Please wait for me downstairs in reception.

The documents are in reception.

on reception

I've been on reception (= working at the reception desk) the whole morning.

2 formal party
big, large
formal, informal
opening, welcome (esp. AmE)

The opening reception of the exhibition was attended by many well-known figures from the art world.

civic (BrE), diplomatic, wedding
champagne (esp. BrE), cocktail (esp. AmE)

a White House cocktail reception

give, have, hold, host

Are you having a big reception after the wedding?

invite sb to

Friends and family are invited to a reception after the ceremony.


Tables were set out in the embassy's beautiful reception room.

at a/the reception

We met at a reception.

reception for

a reception for the Japanese trade delegation

3 type of welcome given to sb/sth
enthusiastic, favourable/favorable, friendly, good, great, positive, rapturous, rousing, sympathetic, warm
lukewarm, mixed, tepid
bad, chilly, cold, cool, frosty, hostile

critical reception to a movie

enjoy, get, have, meet, meet with, receive

The plan has had a somewhat mixed reception from local people.

The returning soldiers received a rousing reception.


The managers did not expect a sympathetic reception from the striking workers.

give sb/sth

She was given a rapturous reception by the crowd.


A reception party of soldiers was there to greet the visiting head of state.


a reception centre/center for visitors

a reception centre for children who have run away from home (BrE)

reception by

the book's reception by reviewers

reception from

a cool reception from the crowd

reception into

reception into the monastic order

reception to

the positive reception to the speech

4 quality of radio/television signals
good, strong

Television reception is very good in this area.

bad, poor, weak
radio, satellite, television, TV

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