delicious, mouth-watering, tasty
healthy, low-fat

Each month we feature easy low-fat recipes.


The basic recipe can be adapted by adding grated lemon peel.

easy, simple

I tried a new recipe and it was a great success.

authentic, classic, old, original, traditional

The ales are brewed to an original Yorkshire recipe.

secret, special
Italian, Mexican, etc.
cake, sauce, etc.
perfect (usually figurative)

It's the perfect recipe for business success.

sure, sure-fire (both figurative)

That sounds like a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

get, have

I have a good recipe for fudge.


This is delicious—can you give me the recipe?

cook, make, prepare

This recipe can also be made with ricotta cheese.

try, try out

I enjoy trying out new recipes.

follow, stick to, use

If you want the dish to turn out right you should follow the recipe.

create, devise

All the recipes in the book have been devised by our team of experts.

discover, find

He is credited with having discovered the first recipe for gin back in the 1600s.


They talk and share their recipes.

feature, offer, print, publish

The website offers cocktail recipes and tips.

call for sth, require sth, use sth

She always said that if a recipe calls for cream you shouldn't use yogurt instead.

contain sth, include sth

The recipe contains lots of fat.

make sth, serve sb

This recipe makes about thirty cookies.

This recipe serves four people.

book, card

a magazine filled with recipe ideas

to a recipe

The dish is made to a traditional Italian recipe.

recipe for

a recipe for leek soup

To live every day to the full is a recipe for happiness. (figurative)

a recipe for disaster, a recipe for success

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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