1 remembering/identifying sb/sth
immediate, instant
early, prompt

the early recognition of a disease

brand, name

One of the main goals of marketing is name recognition.


a test of children's word recognition

character, face, fingerprint, handwriting, speech, text, voice
automatic, computer

the automatic recognition of handwriting by computer

flicker, sign

She stared directly at the witness but he did not show a flicker of recognition (= he did not show that he recognized her).


He pulled the hood of his cloak over his head to avoid recognition.

allow, facilitate

The monitoring system allows recognition of pollution hot spots.


Recognition slowly dawned, and I remembered her from my college days.

software, system, technology
beyond (all) recognition (figurative)

Many of those interviewed said their job had changed beyond recognition (= changed completely) over the past five years.

out of (all) recognition (figurative)

The equipment and methods of production have improved out of all recognition (= greatly improved).

without recognition

He looked up, glanced at them without recognition, and went on his way.

recognition in sb's eyes

There was no recognition in his eyes (= he did not look as if he recognized her).

2 accepting that sth exists/is true; public praise/reward

The judges selected three projects for special recognition.

appropriate, due, proper, well-deserved
greater, growing, increasing

There needs to be a greater recognition of corporate crime as a social problem.

clear, explicit, overt

equal recognition for the work women do

immediate, instant
belated, overdue

The award is being made in belated recognition of her services to the industry.

Recognition of his talent was long overdue.

individual, personal

personal recognition for your achievements

general, universal, wide, widespread

The young talent at the club deserves wider recognition.

international, national, worldwide
public, social
formal, legal, legislative, official
federal, government, state
de facto

Twelve states have accorded de facto recognition to the new regime.

achieve, attain, earn sb, gain, garner (esp. AmE), get, obtain, receive, win

His recitals have earned him recognition as a talented performer.

deserve, merit

Both of these perspectives are valid and require recognition.


They claim that signature of the peace accord did not imply recognition of the state's sovereignty.

ask for, call for, demand, request, seek
apply for
qualify for

to qualify for UN recognition as an International Biosphere Reserve

accord sb/sth, give sb/sth, grant sb/sth
deny sb/sth, refuse sb/sth

Official recognition of the change came fast.

in recognition of

an award in recognition of his outstanding work

without recognition

She has worked actively but without recognition.

recognition as

a country that has long sought recognition as a major power

recognition by, recognition from

recognition by his superiors of the service he had performed

recognition for

They received recognition for their 20-year commitment to safety at sea.

a lack of recognition
recognition of the importance of sth, recognition of the need for sth
a struggle for recognition

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