clear, distinct, vivid
dim, faint, hazy, vague

He has fond recollections of his first visit to Europe.

have (no)

I have only a vague recollection of sunshine and sand.

I have absolutely no recollection of the incident.


It was great to meet with old friends and share recollections.

smile at, smile in

He smiled fondly at the recollection.

She smiled faintly in recollection of all the fun times they'd had together.

in recollection

She stared at him in sudden recollection.

recollection from

recollections from Eliot's own life

recollection of

The novel is based on recollections of his childhood in Shanghai.

to the best of your recollection

To the best of my recollection (= if I remember correctly), he was not there that day.

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