1 official suggestion
firm, strong
broad, general

The committee put forward broad recommendations for the improvement of safety at swimming pools.

far-reaching, wide-ranging (esp. BrE)

The report made wide-ranging recommendations for government.

central, key, main, major, principal

What are your practical recommendations for a healthy diet?

first, initial
medical, official, practical
policy, safety, treatment
list, series, set
come up with, develop, formulate, make, produce

The committee has produced a set of recommendations on ethics in health care.

give, issue, offer, present, provide, put forward, submit
publish, release
outline, summarize
consider, discuss, review
agree with
disagree with
accept, adopt, approve, endorse

The UN Security Council endorsed the recommendation submitted by the Secretary General.

act on, carry out, follow, implement

The government gave assurances that it would implement the recommendations in full.

be in accordance with, be in line with

to develop a plan in line with the recommendations of national policy

base sth on

The design of the breakwater was based on the recommendations of an engineering study.

arise from sth, be based on sth, follow sth, follow from sth, relate to sth

a detailed set of recommendations following a comprehensive examination of the subject

call for sth, propose sth, state sth, suggest sth

The Senate recommendation stated that the privatization of public hospitals should stop.

be aimed at sth

recommendations aimed at achieving a more equitable admissions policy

at sb/sth's recommendation, on sb/sth's recommendation, upon sb/sth's recommendation

At the recommendation of a psychiatrist, the accused will remain under observation.

I had the operation on the recommendation of my doctor.

recommendation about, recommendation as to, recommendation concerning, recommendation on

recommendations on how health and safety standards might be improved

recommendation by, recommendation from

recommendations by the judges

recommendation for

recommendations for improving the quality of service

recommendation to

the board's recommendations to the minister

recommendation with regard to, recommendation with respect to

recommendations with regard to management procedures

2 saying sb/sth is good/suitable
enthusiastic, glowing, high

These two albums get my highest recommendation.


It's best to find a builder through personal recommendation.


Many companies hire through word-of-mouth recommendations from existing employees.

give sb/sth
get, receive
come on, come with

The new housekeeper came on the highest recommendation.

The chef comes with her recommendation.

letter (AmE)

Will you write me a recommendation letter?

at sb's recommendation, on sb's recommendation, upon sb's recommendation

We went to Malibu on your recommendation (= because you recommended it).

a letter of recommendation (esp. AmE)

I sent them a résumé and three letters of recommendation.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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