amazing, astonishing (BrE), dramatic, excellent, miraculous, remarkable

Laura made a miraculous recovery.

good, robust, significant, strong, substantial (esp. BrE)

There is a robust recovery in the markets.

The world economy staged a strong recovery.

The company has made a substantial recovery over the past 12 months.

complete, full
limited, modest, partial

The index staged a modest recovery to be 6.5 points down.

fast, quick, rapid, speedy, swift
gradual, slow
lasting (esp. BrE), long-term, sustained
global, national
economic, industrial

The global economic recovery has strengthened significantly.

price, profits
jobless (esp. AmE)

Mr Fisher made a full physical recovery.


a disaster recovery plan

achieve, make, show, stage

Many people make remarkable recoveries after strokes.

aid, enhance, facilitate, help, improve, maximize, promote, stimulate

a reduction in interest rates to stimulate global economic recovery

accelerate, hasten, speed, speed up

A good rest would speed his recovery.

allow, enable, ensure, permit (formal)
delay, hamper, hinder, impede, slow
wish sb

We wish them all a speedy recovery.

expect, predict
depend on sth
be on the way, begin, come

The economic circumstances are right and recovery is on the way (= recovery will occur soon).

A recovery will come only when deflation is conquered.

be underway, occur, take place

His injuries have returned as there was insufficient recovery time between games.

rate, speed
period, phase
effort, operation
plan, programme/program, strategy
area (esp. AmE), centre/center (esp. AmE), room

I returned to my bed in the recovery area.

After the operation she was taken to the recovery room.

position (esp. BrE)

Continue resuscitation until the person starts breathing and then place them in the recovery position.

beyond recovery

The region has been damaged by acid rain and rivers are fouled almost beyond recovery.

in recovery

He's in recovery from the disease.

recovery from

recovery from his illness

recovery in

the recent recovery in consumer spending

recovery to

a slow recovery to full health

be on the road to recovery, be on the way to recovery

She is well on the road to recovery (= making good progress).

hope of recovery, a prospect of recovery

There is no hope of recovery.

the prospects of economic recovery

a sign of recovery

The economy is showing the first signs of recovery.

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