big, considerable, great, large, major, marked, significant, substantial

The changes may result in a greater reduction in employee numbers than we had previously expected.

dramatic, drastic, huge, massive, remarkable, severe

a sale with massive reductions on selected items

minor, modest, slight, small
tenfold, fiftyfold, etc.
actual, net, overall, real
across-the-board, general
rapid, sharp, steep
immediate, sudden
gradual, progressive, steady
long-term, permanent

A small percentage reduction in the cost of materials would mean a significant increase in profit.

cost, debt, deficit, pay, price, tariff, tax, wage
emission, noise, pollution, waste
harm, pain, risk, stress

a drug strategy which prioritizes harm reduction


The IMF claims to put poverty reduction at the heart of its policies.

size, weight

The result is a 75 to 80% size reduction.


She had a breast reduction last year.

arms, troop
achieve, make, secure

The government has found it difficult to make real reductions in spending.

Every effort is made to secure the highest possible reduction in casualties.

cause, lead to, make, produce, result in

These simple changes will make a substantial reduction in the fat content of your diet.

ask for, demand, seek

I asked for a reduction as the dress was damaged.

get, receive

Guests staying 14 nights will receive a 10% reduction.

experience, have

The company has had a reduction in sales.


They suffered a severe reduction in income.

accept, welcome (esp. BrE)

I welcome the reduction in road traffic fatalities.

give (sb), offer (sb)

She proposed a reduction in the state president's powers.

notice, observe, see

Police said they had noticed a significant reduction in crime last year.


The gas company has announced price reductions for all customers.

mean, represent

Our average margins dropped to 35%, which represents a reduction in gross margins of £109 million.

demonstrate, show

Figures just released show a steady reduction in levels of emissions over the last four years.

occur, take place

the government's waste reduction targets

through a/the reduction

economic growth through a reduction in interest rates

reduction by

reduction by 30%

reduction from, reduction in

There has been a sharp reduction in the number of accidents on our roads.

reduction of

a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

reduction on

a 25% reduction on normal subscription rates

reduction to

a reduction in the speed limit from 50 to 40 miles per hour

a reduction in numbers

Asian elephants have experienced a 50% reduction in numbers over the last three generations.

They are concerned about the reduction in numbers of people eligible for legal aid.

a reduction in the amount of sth, a reduction in the number of sth, a reduction in the size of sth

the reduction in the number of hospital beds

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