1 attention to/thought for sb/sth
particular, special, specific

They paid scant regard to my views.

due, full (BrE), proper (esp. BrE) (all law)

The decision reached has due regard for the safety of the public.

States must conduct their activities with due regard to the interests of other states.

I pay full regard to the views of the court.


When exercising its discretion, the court will have regard to all the circumstances.

They have no regard for the values of our community.

These people had little regard for the environment.

pay, show

The manifesto pays scant regard to green issues.

in regard to, with regard to

I am writing with regard to your recent order.

without regard for, without regard to

an attempt to plan the future of an industry without due regard to market forces

regard for

a proper regard for human dignity

in that regard, in this regard

I have nothing further to say in this regard (= in regard to what has just been said).

a lack of regard

a lack of regard for public safety

little, no, etc. regard for sb/sth, little, no, etc. regard to sb/sth
2 respect/admiration for sb
deep (esp. AmE), great, high

He has a high regard for truth.

The composer was held in high regard in England.

insufficient, low
have, hold sb/sth in

I have the greatest regard for his abilities.

He is held in the highest regard by his colleagues.

3 regards used in letters to send greetings to sb
best, kind, warm

The letter ended, ‘Kindest regards, Felicity.’

give (sb), send (sb)

David sends his warmest regards to your parents.

regard to

My regards to your aunt (= please give my regards to your aunt).

1 (often be regarded) think of sb/sth in a particular way
highly, well

She was highly regarded as a sculptor.

generally, universally, widely

The project was widely regarded as a success.

commonly, popularly, usually
conventionally, traditionally

Rabbits were traditionally regarded as vermin.

legitimately, properly, reasonably, rightly

The crash could be reasonably regarded as an opportunity to invest.

Civil contempt is not properly regarded as a criminal act.


an agency long regarded as ineffectual

no longer
appear to, seem to

He seemed to regard the whole thing as a joke.

tend to

They tend to regard the open expression of emotion as being soft and feminine.

come to

I had come to regard him as a close friend.

continue to
be tempted to

The successful are often tempted to regard their success as a kind of reward.

be tempting to
be a mistake to, be wrong to

It would be a mistake to regard the incident as unimportant.


Many of her works are regarded as classics.


They regarded people outside their own town with suspicion.

2 look steadily at sb/sth
curiously, suspiciously, thoughtfully, warily
continue to

His eyes continued to regard her steadily.


She regarded the mess with distaste.

Regard is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑eye

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