a dress rehearsal for a Broadway play


I attended my friend's wedding rehearsal.

band, choir, choral, orchestra, orchestral, play

I'll see you at band rehearsal on Monday!

conduct, do, have, hold

We only had one full rehearsal.

attend, go to
take place

How did the rehearsal go?

hall (esp. AmE), room, space, studio
schedule, time
dinner (AmE)

The wedding rehearsal dinner is tonight.

at (a/the) rehearsal

He apologized for his outburst at rehearsal.

during (a/the) rehearsal

During the dress rehearsal she suddenly forgot her lines.

in rehearsal

They're performing every night and they have another production in rehearsal.

rehearsal for

rehearsals for ‘Romeo and Juliet’

rehearsal of

a rehearsal of the final scene

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