great, major
universal, world

Judaism is one of the great world religions.

ancient, established, old, old-time (esp. AmE), traditional

the ancient religions and philosophies of China

She dismissed creationism as old-time religion.

These faiths draw on the traditional religions of indigenous peoples.

dominant, mainstream, popular

the leaders of all the mainstream religions

This popular religion is a blend of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism with spirit beliefs.

official, state
institutional, organized

I believe in God, but I don't belong to any organized religion.


Darwinism contradicted orthodox religion.

false, true

Football has become an alternative religion for many people.

folk, native, primitive
monotheistic, polytheistic

Eastern religions such as Shintoism

Hindu, Jewish, etc.
Catholic, evangelical, Orthodox, Protestant
belong to, have

She has no religion.

follow, practise/practice

Do you still practise/practice your religion?


The majority of children adopt the religion of their parents.

embrace, find (= become interested in), get (informal, esp. AmE)

He reportedly embraced religion and became a vegetarian.

As a result of her brother's death, Maria found religion.

We're waiting for the company to get religion on recycling. (figurative)

abandon, reject

She believed that her religion needed to be defended by philosophy and logic.

endorse (esp. AmE), promote

The law prohibits the government form endorsing a particular religion.


I don't think the government should try to impose religion on our society.


He founded a new religion.


The teachers started preaching the Christian religion to us at every opportunity.

study, teach

They never discussed religion or politics.


I believe we should respect all religions of the world equally.

be based on sth

a religion based on reason

originate from sth

He believes that all religions originated from a single source.

teach sth
forbid sth
give sth, offer sth

Almost all religions offer the idea of sacred space.

by religion

These people are predominantly Russian Orthodox by religion.

in a/the religion

In their religion, mountains are sacred.

an adherent of a religion, an follower of a religion
a form of religion, a kind of religion
NOTE: Religions
accept … , adopt … , convert to … , embrace … , follow … , turn to … 

He converted to Judaism when he got married.

people who follow Hinduism

abandon … , reject … 

He rejected Christianity and became a Buddhist.

 … spreads

Islam spread rapidly through North Africa.

 … preaches sth,  … proclaims sth,  … teaches sth

Christianity preaches that sinners can be forgiven.

a follower of … 

followers of Sikhism

the rise of … , the spread of … 

the rise of Christianity in the 1st century

the teachings of … , the tenets of … 

the basic tenets of Buddhism

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