brief, passing
casual, chance, off-the-cuff, throwaway
prepared (esp. AmE)

He had a set of prepared remarks.

careless, inappropriate

the sad consequences of one careless remark

catty, caustic (esp. AmE), cutting, derogatory, disparaging, insulting, nasty, offensive, pointed, scathing, snide

He made some snide remarks about his opponent's skill.

complimentary, encouraging, kind
smart (esp. AmE)

There is no room for jokes and smart remarks.

flippant, offhand

a conflict that comes about through someone's offhand remark or careless mistake

inflammatory, provocative
odd, strange
silly, stupid
funny, witty

He's always making witty remarks.

anti-Semitic, homophobic, racist, sexist

Racist or sexist remarks are never acceptable in the workplace.

crude, obscene, rude

How dare you make personal remarks!

introductory, opening, preliminary
closing, concluding, final

I agreed with most of what he said at the beginning of the speech but not with his closing remarks.

deliver (esp. AmE), give (esp. AmE), make, offer (esp. AmE), pass, utter

The Pope delivered his remarks before boarding his plane.

I gave my remarks at the benefit.

She made a disparaging remark about men.

Candice would have liked to offer a smart remark at that moment.

withdraw (esp. BrE)

He was expelled from the party for failing to withdraw his controversial remarks.

address, direct

Who were those rude remarks addressed to?


She was just about to add some sarcastic remark when her phone rang.


I must preface my remarks with a confession.


He began his remarks with a prayer.


The President concluded his remarks by thanking everyone who had helped.

hear, read
interpret, take

Please don't interpret my remarks as support for the current system.

The White House said it took such remarks very seriously.

ignore, take no notice of

I just ignored her last remark.

apply to sb/sth

These remarks apply equally to doctors.

be directed at/to sb

The remark was directed at him.

suggest sth

Her remarks suggest that the negotiations may be successful.

reflect sth

The General's remarks do not reflect the view of the government.

provoke sth

The remark provoked an angry response from the crowd.

in a/the remark

He made a few factual errors in his remarks on Rembrandt.

remark about, remark concerning, remark on

I shall keep my remarks on the subject brief.

remark by, remark from

remarks by officials

remark to

a casual remark to his father


She remarked casually that she was leaving her job.

lightly, mildly
drily, sarcastically, wryly
be heard to
on, upon

Several people remarked on her outfit.


He remarked to Jane that he had not heard from Sally for a long time.

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