good, potent, powerful, strong
lasting, permanent
constant, continual, daily
graphic, sharp, stark, vivid
visible, visual
physical, tangible
chilling, grim, harsh, painful
poignant, sad, sobering
salutary (esp. BrE)

This is a timely reminder of the importance of the retail sector to our economy.

gentle, little, quick, subtle

It always took a final reminder to get her to pay her share of the rent.

She received a final reminder for £60.88.

helpful, useful

The list serves as a useful reminder of the issues to consider.


We will send email reminders to committee members.

act as, be, offer, provide, serve as

The ruined church acts as a constant reminder of the war.

give sb, issue, send (sb), send out

She gave him a gentle reminder that payment was due.

get, have, receive

You can get email reminders every week.

letter, note, postcard (AmE)
reminder about

We were sent a reminder about the next meeting.

reminder of

It was a cruel and tragic reminder of how dangerous mountaineering can be.

reminder to

a timely reminder to people that leaving their doors open is an invitation to thieves

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