brief, monosyllabic (esp. BrE)
blunt, curt, short, terse

His reply was short and to the point.

sarcastic, scathing

A non-committal grunt was his only reply.


Her reply was simple: ‘No.’

standard, usual

‘No comment’ is his standard reply to most questions.


She refused to give a straight reply, deciding rather to defer the question.

evasive, non-committal
proper, satisfactory (esp. BrE)
affirmative, positive
early, immediate, prompt, quick
individual, personal

Many thanks for your thoughtful reply, we greatly appreciate it.


‘I'm in here!’ came the muffled reply.

get, have, receive

Have you had a reply to your letter yet?

give sb, make, offer

He made no reply, but simply walked away.

Grace could offer no reply.

post, send, send back, type, write

I'll post the replies later on my web page.

I must write my letter in time for them to send back a reply.

elicit, produce

The report elicited a formal reply from the department.

The questionnaire produced 9 000 replies.

grunt (sth in), mumble (sth in), mutter (sth in)

‘Mmm!’ she grunted in reply.

wait for
await, expect (both formal) (in letters)

I await your reply with interest.

hear, read

She heard no reply.

come, come back

‘No!’ came the reply.

A reply came back the next day.

be forthcoming

No reply seemed to be forthcoming.

card, envelope, form, slip (BrE)

Please complete the reply card and return it to us as soon as possible.

button (= in email)

It's easy to just hit the reply button.

in reply (to sth)

What did they say in reply?

I am writing in reply to your request for information on hotels in Italy.

reply from

a reply from the minister

reply to

my reply to your query

a/the right of reply (esp. BrE)

I am grateful to you for having given me a right of reply (= the opportunity to respond) to the article in your magazine about my company.

merely, simply

He simply replied that he hadn't the faintest idea.


She did not reply directly to the allegations.


Well, you weren't expecting him to reply personally, were you?

at once, immediately
hastily, hurriedly, promptly, quickly
at length

She replied at length, but not to the point.

briefly, briskly, curtly, gruffly, shortly
abruptly, sharply
bluntly, flatly

‘No, you're not!’ Graham replied bluntly.

gently, politely, soothingly
quietly, softly
angrily, bitterly, crossly, indignantly, sourly

‘It was your fault!’ she replied angrily.

coldly, coolly, icily
cautiously, defensively, guardedly, hesitantly, nervously
calmly, evenly, mildly
haughtily, smugly
sternly, stiffly
brightly, cheerfully, happily
grimly, sadly
drily, sarcastically, sardonically, sweetly (ironic), tartly
absently, distractedly, vaguely
casually, nonchalantly

‘I really don't care!’ he replied nonchalantly.


‘I know!’ she replied matter-of-factly.

honestly, truthfully
tiredly, wearily
in kind

Calvin was insulted and replied in kind (= by insulting them back).

not bother to

She didn't even bother to reply.


He did not reply to my letter.


She replied with a smile.

a chance to reply

She quickly left the room before he had a chance to reply.

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