There's no absolute requirement to disclose your age.

core, important, key, main
essential, fundamental

An open system of criminal justice is a fundamental requirement of any democratic society.

demanding, strict, stringent
exact, precise
additional, further
certain, particular, specific
individual, personal
annual, daily

your daily requirement of vitamin C

current, future
constitutional, contractual, federal, formal, legal, legislative, mandatory, procedural, regulatory, statutory
borrowing (esp. BrE)

The public sector borrowing requirement is expected to rise.

customer, market, user
academic, course, curriculum, education (AmE), educational, graduation (AmE)

core curriculum requirements

entrance, entry
safety, security
residency (AmE)
dietary, food, nutritional

patients with special dietary requirements

data, information
labour/labor, manpower
capital, energy, housing (BrE), maintenance, performance, space, storage

I have some very simple requirements.

comply with, fit, fulfil/fulfill, match, meet, satisfy, suit

We can arrange a honeymoon to meet your requirements exactly.

impose, lay down (esp. BrE), set out

The government has imposed strict safety requirements on fairground rides.

define, determine, establish, identify, specify
relax, waive

to relax university entrance requirements (BrE)

The initial investment requirement is often waived for existing customers.

for your requirement

We grow enough vegetables for our own requirements.

to your requirement

Our porches can be designed to your exact requirements.

requirement for

Large buildings have specific requirements for fire-service access.

requirement of

the requirements of the law

subject to the requirements (of sth)

The school can decide which students will be given priority, subject to the requirements of the law.

surplus to requirements (= more than is needed) (esp. BrE)

Workers at the factory have been told they are surplus to requirements.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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