experienced, leading, prominent, renowned
chief, lead, senior

She based her work on that of earlier researchers.

postdoctoral, postgraduate
AIDS, cancer, clinical, health, medical
educational, scientific, social
group, team
analyse/analyze sth, compare sth and sth, examine sth, explore sth, focus on sth, investigate sth, look for sth, study sth, work in sth, work on sth

researchers working in different disciplines

researchers working on the biochemistry of the brain

conduct sth, measure sth, test sb/sth
believe sth, claim sth, note sth, say sth, suggest sth, think sth
determine sth, discover sth, find sth, identify sth

Researchers found 17% of their random sample to be severely depressed.

observe sth, report sth, show sth
conclude sth

The researchers have concluded that further studies are needed.

researchers in the field

The book is written by experts who are well known as researchers in the field.

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