abundant, considerable, enormous, great, large, major, rich, significant, substantial, vast

The library is an enormous resource for historians of the period.

important, necessary, vital
adequate, sufficient
limited, meagre (BrE), scarce
renewable, sustainable, unlimited
finite, limited, non-renewable
additional, extra
invaluable, precious, useful, valuable

Time is your most valuable resource, especially in examinations.

material, physical
energy, food, mineral, oil, water
capital, economic, financial

The school has limited financial resources.

human, manpower, staff
educational, information, learning, library, teaching

The database could be used as a teaching resource in colleges.

computer, electronic, technical
Internet, online, Web
national, public
inner, personal

She is someone of considerable personal resources.

be rich in, have

Australia is a country rich in natural resources.

We do not have the resources (= the money) to update our computer software.

combine, pool, share

We'll get by if we pool our resources.

allocate, distribute, provide
commit, dedicate, devote

More resources need to be committed to the development.

concentrate, focus

They are focusing their resources on improving the infrastructure.

pour, put

Resources are being poured into the Olympic site.

divert, reallocate, redistribute

the government's role in diverting resources into social policies

consume, draw on, expend, exploit, tap, use, utilize

to mobilize resources in the community to provide shelter for the homeless


We need to manage our resources better.

deplete, drain, exhaust, use up
strain, stretch

The Olympics may stretch the country's resources to breaking point. (BrE)

The Olympics may stretch the country's resources to the breaking point. (AmE)

squander, waste
exploitation, use, utilization
allocation, management, planning
constraints, implications, limitations
access to resources
the allocation of resources, the distribution of resources, the provision of resources
the exploitation of resources, the use of resources

We must make the most efficient use of the available resources.

a lack of resources

Lack of resources has prevented the company from investing in new technology.

the resources at sb's disposal
time and resources

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