1 react
immediately, instantly
promptly, quickly, rapidly, swiftly
favourably/favorably, positively, readily, successfully, well

Both sides have responded positively to the plan.

Their son is responding well to the treatment.

eagerly, enthusiastically
forcefully, strongly, vigorously
adequately, appropriately, constructively, effectively, intelligently, properly
adversely, negatively, poorly
aggressively, angrily
cautiously, coolly
sensitively, sympathetically
magnificently (esp. BrE)

The teams responded magnificently to the challenge.


The government needs to listen to the public and respond accordingly.


The plants readily respond to these stimuli.

automatically, instinctively
merely, simply

We do not have a strategy. We merely respond to ideas from local people.

emotionally, imaginatively

The music seems to respond emotionally to the landscape.

in kind

The terrorists declared all-out war on the government and the government responded in kind.

be able to, be unable to
be likely to

She wasn't sure how he was likely to respond.

fail to

His condition failed to respond to the treatment.

be slow to
enable sb to

The system enables teachers to respond flexibly to the needs of their students.


The government responded by tightening the law on gun ownership.


Companies have to respond to the changing economic climate.


The demonstrators threw stones and the police responded with tear gas.

an ability to respond, a capacity to respond, a willingness to respond
a failure to respond
respond in a … manner, respond in a … way

We respond to business problems in creative ways.

2 say sth in reply
calmly, casually, coolly, easily
coldly, sharply
drily, sarcastically
quietly, softly
cheerfully, warmly

He responded politely to her questions.


You can respond via email or phone.


He responded with a smile when she spoke.

Respond is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑audience, ↑market, ↑patient, ↑police

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