1 being responsible
complete, full, total
awesome, big, enormous, grave, great, heavy, huge, important, serious, tremendous, weighty

It is a great responsibility caring for other people's children.

overall, ultimate

Ultimate responsibility rests with the president.

diminished (law, esp. BrE)

He was found not guilty of murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

exclusive, sole
collective, communal, joint, mutual, shared
individual, personal
constitutional, political
environmental, ethical, financial, fiscal, legal, moral, social

She has responsibility for public spending.

accept, acknowledge, assume, bear, carry, recognize, shoulder, take, take on, take over

The bank refuses to accept responsibility for the mistake.

Will you take responsibility for arranging the food?


He feels a responsibility to his community.

lay, place

The government of the time placed responsibility for the poor on the Church.

assign, delegate, devolve, give sb, hand over

Responsibility is devolved down to the people who are affected.


We retain all responsibility for any shortcomings.

abdicate, escape, evade, shift

They wanted to shift responsibility for the failure onto their employees.

admit, claim

No organization has yet claimed responsibility for the bomb attack.

deny, disclaim, duck

Ducking responsibility is fatal in a democracy.

allocate, assign (sb), give sb

He attributed responsibility for the killing to the secret service.

burden sb with
absolve sb from, absolve sb of
fall on sb, fall to sb, lie with sb, rest with sb
come with sth

With great power comes great responsibility.

responsibility for

Full responsibility for the fiasco lies with the PR department.

responsibility towards/toward

He feels a strong sense of responsibility towards/toward his parents.

the age of criminal responsibility (BrE, law)
the burden of responsibility

Governors carry a special burden of responsibility.

do sth on your own responsibility (= without being told to and being willing to take the blame if it goes wrong)
a position of responsibility
a feeling of responsibility, a sense of responsibility
2 job/duty
heavy, major, onerous
basic, fundamental
added, additional, increased

What are the main responsibilities in your job?

departmental, ministerial (BrE), professional, public, teaching
caring (esp. BrE), childcare, domestic, family, household, parental, public, social
fiduciary (esp. AmE), financial
administrative, command, management, managerial, oversight (AmE), supervisory

The sergeant assumed his command responsibilities.


people on the verge of assuming adult responsibilities

contractual, statutory
particular, special
daily, day-to-day
carry out, discharge, fulfil/fulfill, meet

an obligation to meet family responsibilities

accept, face up to, take on, undertake

He seems unwilling to face up to his responsibilities as a father.

I don't feel ready to take on new responsibilities.


She juggled the competing responsibilities of family and work.


The assistants were handling their responsibilities in the only way they could.

delegate, relinquish, transfer
abandon, avoid, escape, evade, neglect, shirk
relieve sb of
responsibility for

The heads of school departments have particular responsibilities for the curriculum.

responsibility to, responsibility towards/toward

The club has a responsibility to its members.

duties and responsibilities, rights and responsibilities

parental rights and responsibilities

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