good, long
brief, little, short
well-deserved, well-earned
adequate, proper, sufficient

The body requires a healthy diet and adequate rest.

beauty (AmE)

I need my beauty rest.


She's on complete bed rest, antibiotics and plenty of fluids.

I was hospitalized many times and put on bed rest for six months.

find (formal), get, have, take

Her heart would find no rest until she knew the truth.

Get some rest while you can.

I had a good long rest before the party.


You deserve some rest.


I apologize for disturbing your rest.

come to

The ball rolled down the hill and came to rest against a tree.

break, day, interval (AmE), period, time
area, stop (both AmE)
room (usually restroom) (= room with a toilet) (AmE)
home (= for old or sick people)
at rest

At rest (= when not moving) the insect looks like a dead leaf.

rest from

The doctor advised him to take a complete rest from the gym.

a day of rest
casually, gently, lightly, loosely, softly

Her head was resting comfortably against his chest.

peacefully, quietly

He could rest safely in this place.


His hand was resting lazily against the steering wheel.

briefly, momentarily
let sth

She let his hand rest heavily on hers.

have to, need to
want to, would like to
stop to

I stopped to rest on one of the benches.


She rested the ladder against the wall.

atop (esp. AmE)

Her thin hands were resting atop the quilted bed cover.


I settled back, my hands resting in my lap.

on, upon

His hands rested lightly on her shoulders.

rest easy

I can rest easy (= stop worrying) knowing that she's safely home.

rest on/upon sth
solely, squarely

It is rare for the responsibility for causing conflict to rest solely on one side.


The decision rests entirely upon how good a fighter you think she is.

largely, primarily

The success or failure of the film rests largely on the talents of the cast.


Our trade policy rests firmly on the foundation of free and open markets.

rest with sb

Surely the blame rests squarely with Sir Ralph?


The decision ultimately rests with the council.

Rest is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑arm, ↑chin, ↑gaze, ↑hand, ↑head, ↑hope, ↑palm
Rest is used with these nouns as the object: ↑bone, ↑cheek, ↑chin, ↑elbow, ↑hand, ↑head, ↑palm, ↑weight

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