early, premature

A knee injury forced him into premature retirement.

comfortable, happy, secure

He provided for a comfortable retirement by selling the business.

compulsory (BrE), enforced (esp. BrE), forced (AmE), mandatory (esp. AmE)

compulsory retirement at 60

her enforced retirement from the sport


She took voluntary retirement in 2001.

imminent, impending, pending (AmE), upcoming

She announced her impending retirement.


his official retirement in 2012

consider, contemplate, think about, think of
look forward to
approach, be close to, near
delay, postpone
plan, plan for, prepare for

The website helps you plan your retirement.

finance, fund, provide for

investments to fund their retirement

enter, go into

It was their final concert before entering retirement.

come out of

He is going to come out of retirement for this one last concert.

force, force sb into

In 1996 health problems forced her retirement.


They presented him with a watch to mark his retirement.

enjoy, spend

I intend to spend my retirement playing golf.


Her official retirement date is March 12.

benefits, package, pension (esp. BrE)
plan, programme/program (esp. AmE)

They have about $14 800 in retirement savings.

account (AmE)

the benefits of private retirement accounts

income, money (esp. AmE), pay (esp. AmE)

He has a good retirement income.

portfolio (esp. AmE)

Thanks to his diligence, his retirement portfolio is flourishing.


important matters like health care and retirement security

gift, party
facility (AmE), home
community (AmE), village

older adults who relocate to retirement communities


I've been thinking about where I might like to spend my retirement years.

after (your) retirement, before (your) retirement

After her retirement from the stage she began to drink.

at (your) retirement

Your pension plan provides a cash lump sum at retirement.

for (your) retirement

She's saving for her retirement.

in (your) retirement

His father was now living in retirement in France.

She has found a new hobby in her retirement.

on (your) retirement

a gift from the company on his retirement

until (your) retirement

He remained in the post until his retirement last year.

retirement as

her retirement as sales director

retirement at

retirement at fifty (BrE)

retirement at age fifty (esp. AmE)

retirement from

his retirement from football

the age of retirement

The age of retirement for all employees is 60.

take early retirement

The company suggested that he should take early retirement.

a long and happy retirement

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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