1 retreating/leaving
hasty, headlong, quick, rapid

I decided to beat a hasty retreat.

humiliating, ignominious (formal)
orderly, strategic, tactful, tactical

I made a tactful retreat before they started arguing.

beat, make
call (AmE), order, sound
force, force sb into

Eventually the police forced the crowd into retreat.

block, cut off

We covered his retreat with bursts of gunfire.

in retreat

The enemy was now in retreat.

on the retreat

fresh evidence that trade unionism is on the retreat

retreat from

He took part in the retreat from Paris.

retreat into

her retreat into a fantasy world of her own

retreat to

an ignominious retreat to the River Vistula

be in full retreat

On the eastern front the army was in full retreat.

a line of retreat

We succeeded in cutting off the enemy's line of retreat.

2 quiet and private place
favourite/favorite, idyllic, perfect

the perfect retreat for a romantic honeymoon

private, secret
peaceful, quiet
country, mountain, rural, wilderness (esp. AmE)

designed as a gentleman's country retreat

summer, winter
holiday (BrE), vacation (AmE), weekend

Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland

turn sth into, use sth as

She plans to use it as a winter retreat.

retreat for

a summer retreat for the rich

retreat from

They are staying here at their secret retreat from life in the city.

3 quiet place; time spent there
Buddhist, meditation, religious, spiritual, yoga, Zen

I went on a ten-day silent retreat.


I went off on one of my annual retreats.

two-day, week-long, etc.
business, corporate, executive, management (all esp. AmE)

A successful executive retreat can be a powerful tool for addressing changing business conditions.

women's, writers'
family (esp. AmE)
attend, do, go on

She goes on a spiritual retreat for two weeks every summer.

go into

He went into retreat at his country home to escape the attention of the media.


The family held its first retreat last October.


Zen Mountain offers numerous wilderness retreats.

hastily, quickly, rapidly, swiftly

Sandy retreated slowly, wary of what the man might do.


He retreated hastily back to his car.

try to
order sb to

The army has been ordered to retreat.


They retreated before the Americans.


He retreated behind the table.


I heard her footsteps retreat down the hall.

in the face of

He retreated in the face of strong opposition.


He retreated into his own world.


She retreated from the busy office to her own room.

Retreat is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑army, ↑tide

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