1 what is morally good
in the right (= having justice and truth on your side)

There's no doubt that he's in the right on this.

have right on your side (esp. BrE)

I appealed against the decision because I knew I had right on my side.

know right from wrong

Children of that age don't know right from wrong.

right and wrong

She doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong.

the rights and wrongs of sth

We sat discussing the rights and wrongs of the prison system.

2 entitlement
basic, fundamental, inalienable, unalienable (esp. AmE)

the basic rights of all citizens

absolute, perfect

I have a perfect right to park here if I want to.

exclusive, sole

Any employee who is fired has an automatic right to appeal.

animal, human

animal rights campaigners

human rights violations

constitutional, legal, statutory

You have a moral right to that money.


A man had a natural right to subsist off the crops he grew on his own land.

citizenship, civil

the civil rights movement


the individual rights of its constituents

gay, lesbian, women's

The local authority exercises parental rights over the children until foster homes are found.

visitation, visiting (esp. BrE)

Many prisoners lost visitation rights and had their mail confiscated.


laws covering privacy rights

squatters' (BrE)

The teenagers claimed squatters' rights and were allowed to remain in the building.

pension (BrE)
divine, God-given

the old idea of the divine right of kings

I suppose you think you have some God-given right to tell me what to do?


We have a sovereign right to conduct scientific research on our soil.

enjoy, have, retain

They have no right to come onto my land.

assert, claim, demand

You can't do that to me—I know my rights.


The new president undertook to establish full rights for all minorities.

fight for, stand up for

You should stand up for your rights and insist that they pay you.


I reserve the right to leave at any time I choose.

gain, get
confer on sb, give sb, grant sb

We were granted the exclusive rights to produce the software in Malaysia.


The government extended voting rights to everyone over the age of 18.

curtail, limit, restrict

Abortion rights have been restricted in some places.


The landlord enforced his right to enter the property.

abdicate (esp. AmE), give up, relinquish, renounce

He renounced his right to the throne.


They gave me my uncle's money, on condition that I waived all rights to his property.

forfeit, lose
affirm, champion, defend, guarantee, preserve, promote, protect, safeguard, support, uphold

The constitution guarantees basic human rights.

We promote the rights of communities.

acknowledge, recognize, respect
affect, infringe

These additional guarantees do not affect your statutory rights. (BrE)

deny sb, trample (esp. AmE), trample on, violate
as of right (BrE), by right

The property belongs to her as of right.

The property belongs to her by right.

by right of

The Normans ruled England by right of conquest.

within your rights

You're acting entirely within your rights.

right of

the right of assembly/asylum/citizenship/free speech/ownership

right over

He claimed full rights over the discovery.

rights for

equal rights for all

right to

Do I have any right to compensation?

have every right

She has every right to feel bitter.

right of way

roads where bikes have the right of way (= cars must allow them to pass first)

There is no public right of way across the fields. (BrE)

3 rights legal authority/claim to sth
film (esp. BrE), movie (esp. AmE), television
land, property
intellectual property

They acquired her patent rights.

bragging (AmE)

The team earned the bragging rights by taking first place in all three events.

acquire, buy, get, obtain, purchase, secure

Altman secured the movie rights.


He sold the movie rights for $2 million.

sign away
have, hold, own

Lucas owned the marketing rights.


He has reserved the movie rights.


The company was granted offshore oil-drilling rights.

all rights reserved (= protected or kept for the owner of the rights) (law)
4 right side/direction
hang (AmE, informal), take

Take a right at the traffic lights.

from the right

Look out for traffic coming from the right.

on the right

Ours is the first house on the right.

to the right

Keep over to the right.

to the right of

a hallway immediately to the right of the front door

the first, second, etc. right

Take the first right, and then it's the second on your left.

from left to right, from right to left

The books are numbered from right to left.

5 the right in politics
extreme, far, radical
Christian, religious
on the right

He's on the extreme right of the party.

Right is used with these nouns as the object: ↑wrong
be, feel, look, seem, sound, taste

The meat doesn't taste right to me.

come, go, turn out

I'm sure it'll all turn out right in the end.

get sth

He never gets anything right.

make sth

It may be a very easy way to make money, but that doesn't make it right.

absolutely, dead (esp. BrE), exactly, just, perfectly, quite

You're dead right. There's nothing we can do.

She needs to get everything exactly right for her guests.

There's something not quite right about these figures.

almost, more or less, mostly, nearly, partially

Don't worry about it—that's more or less right.


You were quite right about the weather.

what you think is right

James did what he thought was right.

Right is used with these nouns: ↑address, ↑amount, ↑angle, ↑answer, ↑approach, ↑arm, ↑arrow, ↑attitude, ↑balance, ↑blend, ↑brain, ↑channel, ↑choice, ↑circumstance, ↑click, ↑combination, ↑consistency, ↑context, ↑corner, ↑credentials, ↑decision, ↑degree, ↑diagnosis, ↑direction, ↑distance, ↑ear, ↑edge, ↑elbow, ↑eye, ↑fist, ↑fit, ↑flank, ↑foot, ↑fork, ↑half, ↑hand, ↑idiot, ↑impression, ↑ingredient, ↑interpretation, ↑jab, ↑kind, ↑knee, ↑lane, ↑leg, ↑margin, ↑message, ↑mix, ↑moment, ↑move, ↑note, ↑number, ↑occasion, ↑order, ↑palm, ↑path, ↑person, ↑place, ↑prediction, ↑price, ↑product, ↑road, ↑side, ↑size, ↑sleeve, ↑solution, ↑sort, ↑speaker, ↑spirit, ↑spot, ↑street, ↑tack, ↑tackle, ↑temperament, ↑temple, ↑thing, ↑time, ↑timing, ↑tool, ↑touch, ↑triangle, ↑turn, ↑way, ↑weight, ↑wing, ↑word
Right is used with these verbs: ↑guess, ↑spell

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